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We’re Celebrating our LOVE for Puppies during the Month of February with PUPPY LOVE!

Do you have what it takes to raise a Future Assistance Dog? Many of our Assistance Dogs start their training journey with our dedicated team of volunteer breeder caretakers and puppy raisers. These volunteers are instrumental in helping our puppies learn about the world, develop basic skills and grow up ready to change the life of someone in need. Our volunteers are paid handsomely in PUPPY LOVE – kisses, snuggles and laughs.

Puppy Raiser

Our Puppy Raiser program brings people of all ages together, creating a community of caring and hardworking volunteers. We look for potential puppy raisers who are willing to dedicate their time to help us build a solid foundation for these future Assistance Dogs.

We are now accepting Puppy Raisers from all across the United States, except Alaska and Hawaii!

Learn more about becoming a Puppy Raiser

Breeder Caretaker

Breeder caretakers open their heart and home to a purpose-bred dog from Dogs for Better Lives’ breeding program. Enjoy the companionship of a well-mannered dog and help bring future generations of assistance dogs into the world to one day change someone’s life.

We currently place breeder dogs in the following areas:

  • Southern Oregon
  • Greater Seattle, WA (Puget Sound)
  • Northern California
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
Learn more about becoming a Breeder Caretaker

Check out our infographic that outlines the responsibilities of each of these puppy-loving volunteer opportunities.

Letters to Future Clients

In honor of Puppy Love Month, we asked some of our volunteer Puppy Raisers to write a letter to their puppy’s future handler, sharing a snapshot of all the work (and love) that goes into future Assistance Dogs.

Can’t volunteer? Help support a puppy!

For each puppy in our program we incur about $3,000 in expenses, including breeding costs, supplies, food, medical costs, transportation, and eye exams. This investment ensures we have the healthiest dogs who have the best chance at succeeding in our program – and changing the life of a person in need.

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