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Donate Stock to Dogs for Better Lives

Did you know that when you donate stock, you avoid the tax on the gain while deducting 100% of the value of the contribution?

Making a stock donation to support Dogs for Better Lives makes it possible to train and place life-changing Service Dogs at ZERO cost to our clients

Donating stock valued at $1,100 funds one month training expenses for one of our dogs in training!

Support Dogs for Better Lives by making a charitable gift in stock. We accept donations in publicly traded, domestic common stocks.

How do I donate stock to Dogs for Better Lives?

Donating stock is safe and easy. Using the donation form on this page, making a charitable gift of stock is a quick, five-step process:

  1. Select your stock ticker and confirm the company name in the donation form
  2. Enter your gift amount
  3. Type in your email and address info for the receipt
  4. Enter your brokerage account information
  5. Virtually sign & make your gift!

Upon making a donation, you will receive an email notification from The Giving Block that your gift is being processed. In some circumstances, you may need to take action with your broker. The email will have instructions on any next steps.

Charitable donations of stock are processed safely and typically within 6-8 business days with The Giving Block in partnership with Renaissance Charitable Foundation. Processing times can be longer during December or when dealing with restricted stock.

Which stocks do you accept?

We currently accept publicly traded, domestic common stock.

We are continually in the process of adding support for new assets to donate, so please check back soon for more giving options.

Are stock donations tax deductible?

Yes! Stock donations are one of the most tax-efficient ways to give to charity. Your stock donation is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law; if you pay taxes in the U.S. By making a charitable gift, you may also be eligible to significantly reduce what you would otherwise owe in capital gains taxes.

As with any tax-related questions, be sure to consult with a qualified, professional tax advisor.

I need assistance with my donation, or I'm working with a financial advisor. How can I get in touch?

If you’re ready to notify us of your upcoming stock donation, please complete this online form. We also have a fillable PDF that can be printed and faxed or mailed, if preferred.

Notify us about your stock donation

To contact us with questions about making a stock donation, please send us an email at harvey@dogsforbetterlives.org with the subject line, “Stock Donation.”

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