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As part of our Puppy Love Month campaign, we asked some of our Puppy Raisers to write a letter to their puppy’s future handler, sharing a snapshot of all the work (and love) that goes into future Assistance Dogs. Marianne is currently raising Quest, and recently shared a letter with us.

Puppy raisers help build strong foundations for our puppies who have the potential to become future Assistance Dogs. By raising a puppy for Dogs for Better Lives, you will become a part of a team dedicated to helping others. Changing the life of a family in need to live a more independent lifestyle with the help of the assistance dog you helped raise.

Interested in becoming a Puppy Raiser? Visit our Puppy Raising page for more information or to apply.

To: Quest's Future Person/Handler
From: Puppy Raiser Marianne & Puppy in Training, Quest

To Quest’s Future Person/Handler,

Hello! My name is Marianne and I am currently raising DBL program puppy
Quest. Quest is currently 3 months old and has only been with us for 2 weeks, so
we are both learning what is expected of us!

He is a fast learner and seems brave about almost everything. He is now
learning all about different types of snow where we live. Sometimes it is hard
and slippery and sometime soft and fluffy. Quest really likes the soft fluffy type
and loves to run through it and put his nose right down in the snow. We have
been practicing sit, wait and “dress” and teaching him to live in peace with our
cat which is a challenge since the cat is always looking to get things going! He is
improving with this all the time.

Quest has gone out and about to meet new people and a few other dogs. Since
we live in the woods we have had outings to town. Quest really enjoys all the
new sights and sounds. He has seen and heard logging trucks up close as well
as noisy chain saws, cars and other such things.

We are working on getting him used to being brushed, having his teeth cleaned
and nails clipped. He’s doing great! Potty training, sleeping through the night,
leash walking and other basic puppy education is also improving.

Quest is great fun and loving and brings a lot of joy to our household as I know
he will do for yours. Next week we will start puppy classes which we are looking
forward to.

Best wishes,

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