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Do you want to help dogs and people lead better lives? Join us.

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Why Work at DBL?

At Dogs for Better Lives we believe it’s an honor to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and we’re impassioned with what we do.

Operating as a team, we put the mission above the individual, trusting in one another to break through challenges and obstacles to maintain our mission of bettering lives by matching people with the amazing dogs we train.

We are proud to be one of Oregon Business’ “Top 100 Best Nonprofits To Work For In Oregon,” now five years running. This is an employee-driven process with all staff invited to provide anonymous feedback through a survey which is directly submitted to Oregon Business magazine. Employees are surveyed about their experiences working for DBL, opportunities to grow professionally, training and support services, benefits offered, and asked about how environmentally proactive the organization is.

So if you think you have what it takes to join our amazing, award-winning national nonprofit, check out our current openings!


  • Growth opportunities
  • Generous vacation & flex benefits
  • Great health benefits
  • 401k match (2%) – (50% match up to 6%)
  • Flex Schedules
  • Remote work schedule
  • Green practices organization
  • Mission driven coworkers
  • Amazing client projects
  • Full benefit packages
  • Awesome work culture
  • Outdoor lover’s paradise
  • Cute dogs everywhere, including your office!

Why Our Employees Love Working at DBL

Finance Manager
Dogs for Better Lives is a cohesive organization that, through the sum of its parts, changes more lives of people and dogs for the better than all its parts could alone. Being a member of the Finance team drives my professional passion, while being a part of the organization gives me the personal fulfillment and accomplishment that makes my job a career. I am genuinely proud to be a part of this incredible organization and to witness team members consistently raising each other up to accomplishment bigger and better things. (Since 2015) 
Systems Manager
Of my whole career, working for Dogs For Better Lives has been the most impactful. Not only do you get to be a part of changing someone’s life for the better, but the culture is unparalleled. Your ideas, your work ethics, and who you are, are recognized, valued and rewarded. Every person matters at DBL. (Since 2017)
Apprentice Trainer
I’m sure like many others, my love for dogs is what drew me to Dogs for Better Lives. But the fact that I am encouraged to be myself and accepted for who that is makes working for DBL unlike any other. I started as a kennel tech in Oregon, and now I am training at our new campus in the Northeast, knowing that the opportunities for learning and growing don’t stop here. Everyone always says you’re at work more than you are at home, so find a place that doesn’t feel like work. My coworkers are my family, and my leadership is my biggest support. If your love for dogs already has you considering joining this team, it’s a guarantee that you’ll find many more reasons to be happy you did! (Since 2020) 
Donor Services
I have been a dog lover my entire life and during most of that time, I’ve worked for nonprofits trying to improve the world. Dogs for Better Lives combines two of my favorite things, dogs and people, AND I also get to be a part of helping people as well! (2012-2017, 2020-present)
Client Services Manager
I love working at Dogs for Better Lives because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to our mission of helping to better the lives of those with disabilities and shelter dogs.  Living so far from my home town is challenging at times; but having the support of my DBL family makes it easier.  It is such a fun and positive atmosphere to work in, and I genuinely want to go to work every day and do the best I can. (Since 2012)
Operations Manager
As a service-oriented company, our biggest assets are our people and dogs. From the very beginning, it has been DBL’s endeavor to create a national nonprofit that adds value to every employee, dog, and client we serve. DBL is a place where individuals come in at different levels with different skill sets, aspirations and attitudes. While here, they learn to think independently, be creative, and to push themselves out of their comfort zone. This is a company that adds significant value to each employee and helps each individual reach his/her highest potential. (Since 2012)

Apprentice Program

Dogs for Better Lives has a three-year paid apprenticeship program to become a Certified Assistance Dog Trainer. Learn more.

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