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Monthly Giving - The Pack

The Pack

Grab your leash and join The Pack, a community of monthly donors bringing Assistance Dogs to those most in need. Once you become a monthly donor, you are automatically a Pack Member!

The Pack is a passionate and determined group of monthly donors on a mission to support acquisition, training, and placement of more Assistance Dogs in our lifetime. People like you from across the United States, giving at a meaningful level to prove how anything is achievable when we work together.


Your monthly gift means more dogs can be placed with people in need. Pack members receive monthly updates that follow the journey of one of our dogs in training, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to train an Assistance Dog.

Our Dogs

Our professionally trained dogs help people feel safe, confident, and secure. Dogs for Better Lives provides Hearing Assistance Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs, and Facility Dogs to people at no cost.

Set-up Your Monthly Donation

You can change or cancel your monthly giving at any time. Call us at (541) 826-9220 or send us an email.

What Your Gift Helps Us Do

Train Professional Assistance Dogs

For someone in need, be paired with an Assistance Dog can be live changing. Our specially trained Hearing Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs and Facility Dogs make a huge difference in the lives of trainers, owners, and clients. Our name is our promise.

Rescue Dogs From Shelters

We help rescue, train, and place dogs where they will make the best impact, giving rescued shelter dogs a job and lifelong purpose. If a dog doesn’t quite make the cut, we pair these “Career Change” dogs with loving homes.

Help a Person in Need, at No Cost

Thanks to our incredible monthly donors, we are able to provide specially trained Assistance Dogs to those in need for no cost. People with hearing loss, autism, anxiety or grief, all find their lives are dramatically enhanced by their partner dogs.

Dogs for Better Lives does work, every day; changing the way people connect with the world around them; through dogs, they have independence, courage, comfort, and safety. Through my own experience, it was important to me, to support an organization that represents a blend of dog lovers, and people who want what’s best for their well-being.


Being a member of The Pack is so far reaching. You are contributing to something so much bigger than yourself and life changing to others. I know my gift is small, though when you include that with all the other monthly gifts, collectively it's impactful. This is life's most critical work.


You can give a little to help someone get something so valuable on so many levels, while also rescuing dogs. I like how Dogs for Better Lives represents the convergence between my personal passion for animals and dogs and my industry experience in hearing health care.


Other Ways to Get Involved


Volunteer at one of our campuses, be a foster or transportation volunteer for our dogs, or become an Ambassador in your community.

Learn More

Become a Puppy Raiser

Raise a future Assistance Dog as part of our Puppy Raiser Program.

Learn More

Make A One-Time Gift

Your gift in any amount helps keep our programs running. Our donors make the magic happen.

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