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As part of our Puppy Love Month campaign, we asked some of our Puppy Raisers to write a letter to their puppy’s future handler, sharing a snapshot of all the work (and love) that goes into future Assistance Dogs. Bonnie G. is currently raising Cowboy, and recently shared her letter with us.

Puppy raisers help build strong foundations for our puppies who have the potential to become future Assistance Dogs. By raising a puppy for Dogs for Better Lives, you will become a part of a team dedicated to helping others. Changing the life of a family in need to live a more independent lifestyle with the help of the assistance dog you helped raise.

Interested in becoming a Puppy Raiser? Visit our Puppy Raising page for more information or to apply.

To: Cowboy's Future Handler
From: Puppy Raiser Bonnie G. & Puppy in Training, Cowboy


My name is Bonnie, and I am raising DBL puppy Cowboy for you. Cowboy is currently 3 months old. So he has a lot of growing and learning to do. He is doing great learning his basics. True to his lab heritage, he is 150% food motivated. He enjoys exploring new places and getting snuggles from everyone. He likes to play with (annoy), the older dog in our home. Cowboy has a puppy best friend at puppy class. It is cute to watch him get excited when he sees her. His favorite game is tug. We will take lots of pictures and send them along on his journey to you. Although I will miss him when he leaves, I will be so proud of this boy when he passes his test and sets out to be the light of your life.

Cowboy wanted to say:

Bonnie says I have to work hard to learn to be the best dog I can be because you need me. She says I am an angel. (Sshh. Don’t tell her about the socks). I really love hot dogs and meat treats. So you should start stocking up. I like toys but enjoy your attention the most. We will have so much fun together.


Bonnie and Cowboy

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