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100% Funds Assistance Dogs

100% of Your Donation Supports Programmatic Services

Now, you can rest assured knowing that every dollar of your donation goes directly towards enhancing the lives of dogs and people nationwide.

Administrative and fundraising expenses are fully funded by our endowment, specifically the interest earned from DBL’s long-standing investments made possible by our Guardian Society donors. Guardian Society members are a special group of individuals who have included Dogs for Better Lives in their estate plans.

The generous contributions of Guardian Society members make it possible to cover operational expenses such as office space, fundraising costs, utility bills, and salaries.

And as always, DBL places professionally trained Assistance Dogs at absolutely no cost to the people they help, providing safety, independence, and companionship.

Leaving a Legacy: Don & Dorothy Seiwell

Our dad had tinnitus the last decade of his life, and that was a hardship for him. After seeing DBL dogs in training, we decided to sponsor our first dog. We got a letter from the people who received that dog, telling the ways the dog had changed their lives. It assured us that the donation was worthwhile and improving the quality of life for people with hearing difficulties.

We know the change it makes in a person’s life to get one of these dogs, so we decided several years ago that when we are no longer around, a percentage of our money will go to the designated endowment fund at Dogs for Better Lives. We’re not rich, but we’re doing what we can. We wanted our donation to be growing and sustaining, even if it’s not a tremendous amount. But that way, every year the organization will have money coming in, and that can make a big difference.

We wanted our donation to be growing and sustaining, even if it’s not a tremendous amount.

Join a very special group of individuals who've demonstrated forethought and generosity to support local families as part of their legacy – the Guardian Society.
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