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As part of our Puppy Love Month campaign, we asked some of our Puppy Raisers to write a letter to their puppy’s future handler, sharing a snapshot of all the work (and love) that goes into future Assistance Dogs. Megan and Claire are currently raising Emerald, and recently shared a letter with us.

Puppy raisers help build strong foundations for our puppies who have the potential to become future Assistance Dogs. By raising a puppy for Dogs for Better Lives, you will become a part of a team dedicated to helping others. Changing the life of a family in need to live a more independent lifestyle with the help of the assistance dog you helped raise.

Interested in becoming a Puppy Raiser? Visit our Puppy Raising page for more information or to apply.

To: Emerald's Future Person/Handler
From: Puppy Raiser Claire & Puppy in Training, Emerald

To Emerald’s future person/handler

Hello! My name is Claire and I am currently raising DBL puppy Emerald! I wanted to write you this letter to let you know some of the things that Emerald is learning but to also tell you how much love has gone into helping prepare her for her future with you.

Emerald is currently 9 months old and has been working on the commands down, stay, heel, under, leave it and practicing settling in public. Emerald loves riding in the car and going on her outings!

When at home, Emerald enjoys playing with my two Golden Retrievers Finley and Tucker.  They love running in the yard playing fetch and snuggling together in the house.  Emerald also went to the snow a few times this year and had the best time!

Emerald loves every person that she meets! She is very silly and has a big personality! Some of my favorite things to do with Emerald are, playing tug o war, going on walks and training at Target.

I decided to become a DBL puppy raiser because I loved the idea of helping others and I I could put my love of dogs into helping the community. I will miss little Emerald so much when she leaves our home, but I know she will light up your world with her fun and loving personality! Make sure you give her lots of cuddles and cheese!

Emerald and Claire

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