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Making Independence Possible

Providing assistance dogs to people across the nation since 1977

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What Makes Us Unique

We make a difference in people’s lives.

We change lives by providing clients with more safety, independence, and connection to the world around them that they may have lost through hearing loss, an autism diagnosis, or other trauma or disability.

The best dogs for the job.

We acquire dogs through partnerships with breeders, co-ops, shelters and rescues and provide them with expert training that helps the people we serve. Dogs for Better Lives is one of the few national Assistance Dog organizations that trains shelter dogs to become Service Dogs –  in addition to utilizing purpose-bred dogs.

Zero cost to clients.

We help people without creating a financial burden for them. There are no application fees or good faith deposits. Thanks to our outstanding donors, we are able to offer these amazing dogs at no cost to our clients. The average value of a Dogs for Better Lives Assistance Dog is $54,000.

Exceptional training and placement.

Certified professional staff train and place Service Dogs with individuals. Unlike most organizations who require you come to them, we go to the client and spend a week with them in their surroundings, learning about their routines, place of work, and unique community settings.

100% to program.

100% of your donation supports programmatic services. Administrative and fundraising expenses are fully funded by the interest earned from our long-standing endowment. Learn more.

About Us

Award-winning Dogs for Better Lives is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit with campuses in Central Point, Oregon and Falmouth, Massachusetts. Formerly known as Dogs for the Deaf, we have been training and placing Assistance Dogs to people across the United States since 1977. We are the oldest provider of Hearing Assistance Dogs in the U.S.

Dogs for Better Lives’ mission is to professionally train dogs to help people and enhance lives while maintaining a lifelong commitment to all dogs we rescue or breed and the people we serve.

Certified professional staff train and place Service Dogs free of charge with deaf or hard-of-hearing adults, children diagnosed with autism, and licensed professionals working with vulnerable communities so people with disabilities can lead safer and more independent lives.

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Our Dogs

Hearing Assistance Dogs

Trained to alert people to household sounds that are necessary for everyday safety and independence.

Autism Assistance Dogs

Specially trained to enhance the safety and well-being of children and families living with Autism by providing a minimum of three tasks to assist with keeping children grounded and focused.

Facility Dogs

Go to work with and assist professionals such as physicians, teachers, counselors, police officers, and child advocates.

Career Change Dogs

Career Change Dogs are wonderful, adoptable dogs who are happy, loving, and healthy but just not suited to working for a living.

Monthly Giving - The Pack

Success Stories

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