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Dogs for Better Lives is thrilled to introduce a future hero, Mighty. Mighty is a Yellow Labrador born on July 11, 2023, with a purpose as significant as any superhero’s. His mission is to pave the way for independence for his future client by becoming a life-changing Service Dog for someone with disabilities, and his journey is already shaping up to be remarkable.

Mighty, alongside his equally exceptional siblings, has taken the first steps on a heroic journey of a lifetime. These young pups have been placed with dedicated Puppy Raisers across the United States who will guide them through puppyhood, laying the foundation for their future Service Dog careers.

Currently stationed in the heart of New York, Mighty enjoys the dedicated care and companionship of his Puppy Raiser, Ashley. Ashley wil provide Mighty with unwavering love and support until he is ready to return to our training campus at 14-16 months of age. This is when the real adventure commences, as Mighty gears up for professional training at a Dogs for Better Lives training campus to become a working Service Dog.

But that’s not all; we invite you to join us in documenting every step of Mighty’s extraordinary journey, which promises to be nothing short of paw-some! Be sure to bookmark his exclusive webpage so you won’t miss a single moment of this incredible story!

Follow Mighty’s journey by visiting: https://dogsforbetterlives.org/mighty/


  • Breed: Yellow Labrador
  • Gender: The bestest boy
  • Loves: Eating, playing with his siblings
  • Dislikes: Waking up at the bottom of the puppy pile
  • Secret superpower: Perfect puppy dog eyes that can melt even the iciest hearts!

Stay tuned for regular updates, thrilling adventures, and heartwarming moments as Mighty trains to become the ultimate hero for his future client!

Become  Puppy Raiser: Our Puppy Raiser program brings people of all ages together, creating a community of caring and hardworking puppy raisers. We look for potential puppy raisers who are willing to dedicate their time to help us build a solid foundation for these future Assistance Dogs. Learn more and apply at dogsforbetterlives.org/get-involved


For media inquiries, please contact: Sara Ifert; sara@dogsforbetterlives.org

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