Mighty was born on 7/11/2023 with a purpose. His mom, Frosty, is a Dogs for Better Lives breeder dog, and he and his siblings are already taking the first steps of their Service Dog journey. Mighty will be raised in New York by his Puppy Raiser, Ashley, until he reaches 14-16 months of age when he’ll return to our training campus to begin his professional training as a Service Dog. We’ll be following this little superhero along on his important journey!

About Mighty:

  • Breed: Yellow Labrador
  • Gender: Bestest boy
  • Loves: Eating, playing with his siblings
  • Dislikes: Waking up at the bottom of the puppy pile
  • Secret superpower: perfect puppy dog eyes

Mighty Pup-dates

9/29/2023: Our little superhero, Mighty, is learning all kinds of new things in his Puppy Raiser’s home. Like how mirrors work!

Decked out in his best collar, Mighty strolled past a mysterious glass object in the hallway. It was no ordinary glass, but a portal to another world—a world of endless cuteness!

As he caught a glimpse of his reflection, Mighty was met with the most dashing, tail-wagging, hero-in-the-making he’d ever seen! 😍

With that characteristic Labrador enthusiasm, Mighty greeted his newfound twin with a nose boop and a wagging tail, as if to say, “Well hello there, handsome! Aren’t you a good boy!” 🐾🐕

Now, every time Mighty passes by the mirror, he can’t resist stopping for a quick self-pep-talk and a wink to the dog in the glass. 😁✨

Every Superhero must have courage and self-awareness, and it’s clear to see Mighty has what it takes!

9/28/2023: DBL’s very own future superhero, Mighty, is currently dreaming about being cast in the latest Paw Patrol Movie. His name is Mighty, after all! While he’s NOT a member of the Paw Patrol, he has very bright future worthy of any superhero pup. Mighty is in the first stage of his journey as a future Service Dog for people with disabilities. We’re so excited to watch his progress, and to watch the movie named after him. Wink, wink!

Over the next week, we’ll be sharing photos from his Puppy Raiser, Ashley, that take you on a series of adventures that showcase Mighty’s courage and cuteness – key qualities every superhero pup must possess.

9/6/2023: Mighty was placed with Puppy Raisers Ashley and Dan in upstate New York! Ashley and Dan have always been dog people, here’s what they have to say about becoming Puppy Raisers


“We lost our last rescue, Penny, about 3.5 years ago and have done a lot of dog sitting/boarding since then. We loved the idea of puppy raising with Dogs for Better Lives because it would let us do something meaningful (and have a puppy “fix”!) without making a permanent commitment to our own dog at this time. I (Ashley) work in mental health and criminal justice policy and technical assistance, helping jurisdictions around the county implement programs to engage individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders, and other complex needs in community-based treatment and divert them away from jails and prisons. Dan owns his own IT consulting business and we both work predominantly from home. In our off time we love to play volleyball, travel, and swim and boat on the river just behind our house. Mighty will be VERY well-socialized at the end of his time with us!”

9/1/2023: Mighty is taking a road trip from Ohio to New York! Why? To meet his Puppy Raiser, Ashley. The trip will be long, but worth it! Here is Mighty taking one last photo with his siblings…he’s the perky one in the blue collar.
8/15/2023: It’s time to reveal the names of Frosty’s litter! Mighty and his siblings are growing fast and will be heading off to their Puppy Raisers soon!
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