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Mighty was born on 7/11/2023 with a purpose. His mom, Frosty, is a Dogs for Better Lives breeder dog, and he and his siblings are already taking the first steps of their Service Dog journey. Mighty will be raised in New York by his Puppy Raiser, Ashley, until he reaches 14-16 months of age when he’ll return to our training campus to begin his professional training as a Service Dog. We’ll be following this little superhero along on his important journey!

About Mighty:

  • Breed: Yellow Labrador
  • Gender: Bestest boy
  • Loves: Eating, playing with his siblings
  • Dislikes: Waking up at the bottom of the puppy pile
  • Secret superpower: perfect puppy dog eyes

Mighty Pup-dates

5/15/2024: 🐾 Pup Date with Mighty! 🐾
Hey friends! Mighty is now 9.5 months old and growing fast at 65lbs! Here’s the latest on the adventurous pup:
Β Age: 9.5 months
Weight: 65lbs
Training Focus:
Mighty’s been working on staying calm during greetings, walking nicely on a loose leash, dropping items on command, and responding to just verbal cues. He’s making great progress!
Funny Story of the Month:
Mighty got to see the eclipse this month, and while his raisers were excitedly watching with their special glasses, he was perfectly content sniffing around and chewing on sticks and grass. Check out the hilarious photo of him in his eclipse glasses!
Β Mighty’s Favorite Activity:
Lately, he’s started playing soccer in the yard with an old volleyball, and he LOVES it! He can’t get enough of chasing the ball and bringing it back to his raiser. It’s become his new favorite game!
4/15/2024: 🐾 Pup Date with Mighty! 🐾
Hey there, Mighty fans! Mighty is 9 months old now, and he’s been keeping busy with training and exploring new experiences! Here’s what’s been happening:
Age: 9 months
Weight: 57lbs
Training Focus:
Mighty’s been working hard on perfecting his obedience skills! He’s mastering consistent waits, offs, and drop its, along with side/heel, under, and place (his bed). Plus, he’s learning to greet others calmly and walk nicely on leash. He’s also been getting used to deep snow and even braved a loud crowd block party on St. Patrick’s Day!
Funny Story of the Month:
We introduced Mighty to a drive-through car wash recently, and let’s just say, his reaction was priceless! The first time, he was a little unsure about all the sounds and brushes. But with some extra distractions and treats, he tackled it like a champ the next time around!
Mighty’s Favorite Activity Lately:
One of Mighty’s favorite pastimes lately is sitting quietly next to the fridge, patiently waiting for his beloved ice cubes! It’s quite the sight to see him sitting there, staring at us with those puppy-dog eyes. Who could resist giving him a few cubes?
3/14/2024: 🐾 Pup Date with Mighty! 🐾

Hey everyone! Mighty is now around 7.5 months old, and he’s been busy honing his skills and having a blast! Here’s what’s new:
Age: About 7.5 months
Weight: 55lbs
πŸŽ“ Training Update:
Since graduating from official puppy classes, Mighty has been focusing on perfecting his loose leash walking and polishing up his skills like “place” and “wait.” He’s become much more confident in meeting and ignoring other dogs, making our walks a breeze with his attention on us and treats.
Funny Story of the Month:
Mighty surprised us all by watching and listening intently to this month’s DBL webinar! Who knew he was such a webinar enthusiast? Check out the photo to see him in action!
Mighty’s Current Favorite Activity:
Mighty has discovered a new love for ice cubes! He’s taken to sitting quietly next to the fridge, hoping for someone to walk by and hit the ice dispensing button. Check out the attached photo to see his adorable ice cube obsession!
2/15/2024:Hey pals! 🐾 Mighty is now 6.5 months old, and he’s been making strides in his training and having a blast along the way! Here’s the latest scoop:

Age: 6.5 Months
Weight: 50lbs

πŸŽ“ Training Highlights:
We’re thrilled to announce that Mighty graduated from Intermediate level class! He’s mastered a whole bunch of skills, including standing (with wait/stay), coming to the front and side/heel, different walking paces, turns and figure 8s, and a hard stay and come with leave it. He’s also diving into learning “place” and perfecting loose leash walking and polite greetings.

πŸ˜‚ Funny Story:
Mighty’s enthusiasm sometimes gets the best of him during training. He’s learning both “kennel” and “place,” but occasionally mixes them up in his eagerness for treats, running into one and then the other! We’re working on helping him differentiate between the two.

πŸŽ‰ Mighty’s Favorite Activities:
Mighty’s latest obsession? Anything that involves food! He’s also been having a blast in the snow, zooming around and trying to eat every flake in sight!

πŸ—£οΈ From Puppy Raiser Ashley:
“Puppy raising has been an incredibly unique experience. We’re putting in the time and effort to prepare Mighty for his eventual purpose, and it’s rewarding to think about how we’ll be able to help someone in need. Plus, he’s just so darn cute!” – Ashley

New Skills Unleashed:
Mighty has mastered jumping into and out of the car! It took lots of encouragement and treats, but he nailed it. He’s also acing the “waiting” game, running around to find us when called from another room.
1/15/2024: Mighty is now 5 months and 3 weeks old, and he’s been up to all sorts of adorable antics! Here’s the latest scoop:

Age: 5 Months
Weight: 46lbs
Training Update:
Mighty’s been putting in the hard work! Currently mastering consistent down, side/heel/front placement, loose leash walking, off, and leave it.
Social Adventures:
Mighty had a paw-some meeting with Yoda at Home Depot this month!
Funny Story:
Caught Mighty in the act of extreme tiredness – swaying from side to side while trying to stay awake in the kitchen. Cutest sleep struggle ever!
New Skills Unleashed:
Mighty has mastered jumping into and out of the car! It took lots of encouragement and treats, but he nailed it. He’s also acing the “waiting” game, running around to find us when called from another room.
12/14/2023: Hey paw-some friends! Mighty is officially 20 weeks old and hitting all the milestones like a champ! Here’s the latest scoop on our little furball:

πŸ“… Age: 20 weeks
βš–οΈ Weight: 30lbs
πŸŽ“ Training Triumphs: Mighty aced his Puppy Level class! He’s now a pro at 11 commands, including sit, down, wait, stay, free, touch, give/take, leave it, and focus. Watch out, we’ve got a smarty-paws on our hands!
🀣 Funny Story of the Month: Mighty turned into a fearless moth hunter one night… until he realized his wagging tail was just as intriguing!
🧸 Favorite Pastime: Mighty is on a toy-playing spree! He’s got a favorite for every mood, and he’s not afraid to show it. The toy basket has never seen so much action!
πŸš— Road Trip Rockstar: Mighty’s Thanksgiving adventure to PA was a roaring success! He aced a 6-hour drive each way with grace and charm.
Thanks for joining Mighty’s journey! Stay tuned for more adventures, antics, and tail-wagging tales.
11/15/2023: At 16 weeks old, DBL Program Puppy 🐾 Mighty is thriving, weighing in at a sturdy 29.8 pounds. His training game is strong, tackling commands like “drop it” without treats and perfecting loose leash walking and polite greetings.

In a delightful twist, Mighty, despite his wolfish reminders, hilariously brought his empty food dish to his Puppy Raiser Ashley.
His favorite pastime? Being a close companion, whether sitting at Ashley’s feet or leaning against her while she cooks. Mighty recently discovered the joy of chasing and retrieving a big stick, proving his innate abilities and ending the day with a well-deserved nap.
Mighty’s journey is a mix of laughter, surprises, and growing love, and we’re excited to see what adventures the coming weeks hold for our not-so-little Mighty!
10/11/2023: Accompanied by his trusty Puppy Raisers, Mighty ventured out into the world for his very first public meeting with another four-legged friend!

The excitement was palpable as Mighty approached his new acquaintance with curiosity. It was a moment that would make any dog lover’s heart skip a beat! πŸ’“πŸΎ
As the two furry pals exchanged sniffs, Mighty handled the encounter with grace and charm, proving that he’s not only a superhero in training but also a true canine ambassador! 🐾✨
This heartwarming encounter reminds us that every day is an opportunity for new friendships and that Mighty is well on his way to becoming a social butterfly, spreading joy wherever his paws may take him!
Stay tuned for more adventures as Mighty continues to grow, learn, and bring smiles to faces near and far. The world is a better place with heroes like him around! 🌟
10/9/2023: Splish splash, he’s having a bath! Mighty’s Puppy Raiser, Ashley, shared this adorable photo of Mighty all snuggled up in a beach towel after his first bath. Every superhero needs to be clean and well-groomed, after all! Mighty, you’ve shown us that even in the face of bubbly adventures, your courage shines through, and your post-bath cuteness is off the charts! πŸŒŸπŸ›
10/4/2023: Hold onto your hearts, folks, because Mighty has just conquered a milestone that had his puppy paws in a twist!

Behold the dramatic saga of Mighty vs. The Front Steps! 😱
In the beginning, Mighty gazed at those daunting steps with a mix of curiosity and uncertainty. He wondered, maybe Puppy Raiser, Ashley, should just carry me down in her arms again?
His first attempt, as captured in the photos, was nothing short of adorable. All stretched out, eyes wide, and tail at attention, he embarked on a courageous journey, one cautious step at a time.
But like any true hero-in-training, Mighty didn’t let fear hold him back for long. With the support of his loving Puppy Raiser, he took a leap of faith and learned to descend those steps like a pro! 🐾
From being carried like a VIP to confidently strutting down the steps, Mighty’s journey reminds us that with a little courage and a lot of determination, we can conquer any obstacle in our path. 🌟
10/2/2023: I’s time for the Breakfast of Champions – Mighty edition! πŸ“£ Our heroic Service Dog in training, Mighty, just conquered a colossal bowl of kibble this morning, and the world may never be the same!

Picture this: Mighty, wearing his best vest, faced off against the mighty mountain of kibble set before him. His appetite was unmatched, his spirit unwavering!
Crunch by crunch, he chomped through the crunchy kibs. The world held its breath as Mighty bravely scarfed down his breakfast, one paw-some morsel at a time! πŸ˜‹
It was a breakfast battle for the ages, and our brave little hero emerged victorious, his kibble conquest complete! πŸ†πŸ‘‘ Way to go, Mighty!
9/29/2023: Our little superhero, Mighty, is learning all kinds of new things in his Puppy Raiser’s home. Like how mirrors work!

Decked out in his best collar, Mighty strolled past a mysterious glass object in the hallway. It was no ordinary glass, but a portal to another worldβ€”a world of endless cuteness!

As he caught a glimpse of his reflection, Mighty was met with the most dashing, tail-wagging, hero-in-the-making he’d ever seen! 😍

With that characteristic Labrador enthusiasm, Mighty greeted his newfound twin with a nose boop and a wagging tail, as if to say, “Well hello there, handsome! Aren’t you a good boy!” πŸΎπŸ•

Now, every time Mighty passes by the mirror, he can’t resist stopping for a quick self-pep-talk and a wink to the dog in the glass. 😁✨

Every Superhero must have courage and self-awareness, and it’s clear to see Mighty has what it takes!

9/28/2023: DBL’s very own future superhero, Mighty, is currently dreaming about being cast in the latest Paw Patrol Movie. His name is Mighty, after all! While he’s NOT a member of the Paw Patrol, he has very bright future worthy of any superhero pup. Mighty is in the first stage of his journey as a future Service Dog for people with disabilities. We’re so excited to watch his progress, and to watch the movie named after him. Wink, wink!

Over the next week, we’ll be sharing photos from his Puppy Raiser, Ashley, that take you on a series of adventures that showcase Mighty’s courage and cuteness – key qualities every superhero pup must possess.

9/6/2023: Mighty was placed with Puppy Raisers Ashley and Dan in upstate New York! Ashley and Dan have always been dog people, here’s what they have to say about becoming Puppy Raisers


“We lost our last rescue, Penny, about 3.5 years ago and have done a lot of dog sitting/boarding since then. We loved the idea of puppy raising with Dogs for Better Lives because it would let us do something meaningful (and have a puppy “fix”!) without making a permanent commitment to our own dog at this time. I (Ashley) work in mental health and criminal justice policy and technical assistance, helping jurisdictions around the county implement programs to engage individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders, and other complex needs in community-based treatment and divert them away from jails and prisons. Dan owns his own IT consulting business and we both work predominantly from home. In our off time we love to play volleyball, travel, and swim and boat on the river just behind our house. Mighty will be VERY well-socialized at the end of his time with us!”

9/1/2023: Mighty is taking a road trip from Ohio to New York! Why? To meet his Puppy Raiser, Ashley. The trip will be long, but worth it! Here is Mighty taking one last photo with his siblings…he’s the perky one in the blue collar.
8/15/2023: It’s time to reveal the names of Frosty’s litter! Mighty and his siblings are growing fast and will be heading off to their Puppy Raisers soon!
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