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Hearing Dog Weston Lends His Ears to Client Allison

By March 29, 2022No Comments

Allison and Hearing Dog Weston

Home Hearing Dog Weston excels at cuddling and play, but he knows his job is to use his acute hearing to help Dogs for Better Lives Client Allison in stay safe in their Harrisburg, Virginia home. Allison has severe hearing loss in both ears. Without hearing aids, she can’t hear at all.

“As a single woman, Weston gives me confidence that I can live on my own, because he serves as a second set of ears for me,” she says.

“I never thought having a hearing service dog would be possible yet now I can’t imagine my life without one. I no longer worry about not hearing the smoke detector or doorbells as Weston will make sure I know something’s happening.”

Weston is a home hearing service dog rather than a certified Hearing Assistance Dog. He is trained to help around the house, alerting to sounds like timers, door knocks, phone calls and more. Allison appreciates the ongoing support DBL staff provide and enjoys the monthly virtual meetings with other handlers across the U.S. Her partnership with Weston is still new, so she likes having an ongoing opportunity to learn from others.

Now that she has a service dog, Allison sees how it opens new doors.

“Weston is a great conversation starter between the hearing world and the deaf/hard-of-hearing world for me,” she says. “People have asked me about how much I had to pay for Weston. They are shocked that there wasn’t a fee. I will be forever grateful to the awesome donors and supporters of Dogs for Better Lives.”

Hearing Dog Applications are Open

Hearing Dogs are trained to alert to sounds by making physical contact (jumping on you, or nosing you) then leading you to the sound. Additionally, many of our Hearing Dogs are also trained and certified for public access. Applications are currently open for one of these life-changing dogs. Learn more and apply here.

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