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5 Reasons Why I am a Regional Advisory Board Member: Rita Harris

By July 6, 2023No Comments

Rita Harris,
Regional Advisory Board - PNW Member

  1. I am proud to be part of an organization dedicated creating mutually beneficial relationships between humans and dogs.
  2. I enjoy working with a mission-focused team comprised of some of the best humans I’ve ever met (and their dogs).
  3. Serving on the RAB challenges me to get out of my comfort zone.
  4. I love promoting awareness about Dogs for Better Lives and the incredible work it does.
  5. I love animals.

Rita began her relationship with Dogs for Better Lives as a puppy raiser in April 2020 with black lab, Guinness. Raising a puppy was the perfect antidote to the pandemic. Everywhere we went, Guinness trotting along in his vest put a smile on people’s faces. And from then on Rita was hooked on DBL. In June 2021, Rita received her second DBL puppy, Meadow, who has since been career changed. Rita now lives in Port Orchard, WA with Meadow and two cats.

Rita hopes to raise more puppies for DBL, but in the meantime, enjoys contributing through the RAB to spread the word about DBL and recruit more puppy raisers for life changing work.

To learn about joining the Regional Advisory Board, visit our informational page and application.

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