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Why I Am A DBL Ambassador: Jennifer Warsing

By February 10, 2020March 31st, 2022No Comments

Jennifer Warsing,
DBL Hearing Assistance Dog Client

  1. By being a DBL Ambassador, I know that I am having a positive impact on the community, and while doing an in-home interview, I know I am helping the individual reach a new level of independence, hope, and joy once their assistance dog is placed with them. I’m blessed and so fortunate to be able to create a ripple affect in people’s lives and every once in a while, I to see the process come full-circle, which is an exhilarating feeling.
  2. As a past and current recipient of a DBL Hearing Assistance Dog, I wanted to be able to help others who were applying for any one of the assistance dogs that DBL trains.  I understand the application process and the impact these dogs make on the lives of the person, and family, with whom they are partnered.
  3. I enjoy the opportunity to speak with the public, to help educate about DBL, their mission, their history, their dogs, and the different assistance dog programs.
  4. As a DBL Ambassador, I have enjoyed meeting new people and traveling to new places.
  5. I can’t lie, I enjoy speaking about my Hearing Assistance Dog and sharing our stories. Seeing the smiles that spreads across people’s faces as they learn about this amazing non-profit provides me with a sense of purpose and joy.

Jennifer lives in Pennsylvania and has been a Hearing Assistance Dog client since 2006. She joined the DBL National Ambassadors team in 2009 and enjoys crocheting, teaching ASL classes, being a Pet CPR & First Aid instructor, and long walks with her DBL Hearing Dog, Wellie.

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