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Why I am a Corporate Partner: Al Lane

By July 9, 2020March 31st, 2022No Comments

Al Lane,
Coming Attractions Theatres

  1. DBL is a great, local organization that helps both people and dogs!
  2. The help and assistance these dogs provide to people with hearing difficulties, children with autism, etc. is amazing.  These dogs have a huge impact on the individuals and families they serve.
  3. DBL’s staff is amazing!  They are highly qualified to train these dogs and they support the animals for their entire lives.
  4. We operate movie theatres in Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska, so we can help get the word out by putting a 30-second spot on-screen, before movies, to provide a captive audience for DBL to spread the word of their mission.
  5. We believe in DBL’s mission and the staff carrying it out!

Al Lane was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, received his BA in Economics from The Ohio State University in 1990. Following that, Lane received his MBA from Baker University, based out of Baldwin, KS. Lane began his career working in the insurance industry, though found his true calling in the mid-1990s when he accepted a position in the movie theater industry. Lane currently serves as President/COO of Coming Attractions Theatres, Inc., based out of Ashland, OR. In this capacity, he oversees 17 movie theaters, 2 fun centers, and 1 mall, across a 4-state west coast region of Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska. Al and his wife Kim, and their beloved rescue dogs, Barney and Ziggy, moved to Oregon in 2013. They have long had a passion for animals, working with various rescue and nonprofit groups (canine, feline, and equine) over the years in the Kansas City area. The mission and goals of Dogs for Better Lives align closely with their hearts, as they love the idea of helping dogs help people.

Coming Attractions Theatres, Inc. was founded in 1985 in Ashland, Oregon, home of the acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The company’s founder, John C. Schweiger, had been a senior executive with major corporations before settling in Ashland and developing an interest in the local movie theatre with a history that dated back to it’s opening in 1937. With professional management, attention is given to the customer to ensure that their movie experience is a great entertainment value.

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