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As we look back on the achievements of the previous fiscal quarter (January to March 2024), Dogs for Better Lives is overflowing with gratitude. The commitment of our donors and volunteers has been instrumental in helping us impact more lives of individuals with disabilities through our Assistance Dogs. Join us in extending our sincere appreciation as we share some of the biggest milestones from this past quarter.

74 dogs in our care

DBL Breeder Dog, Autumn, had a litter of beautiful yellow lab puppies in January, and these puppies have now headed off on the first stage of their journey. Five puppies will be staying with DBL and are settling in with their volunteer Puppy Raisers. We have also acquired additional puppies through our partner organization and brought 7 new shelter dogs into our From Shelter to Service Dog training program. In total, we have 22% more dogs in our program than at the end of last quarter. Thanks to your support, we can keep bringing more dogs into our training program as we work to fulfill the needs of the deserving individuals on our waitlist.

Record placement success rate

We have just achieved the highest placement rate in our history, which currently is at  77% since July 1, 2023. The high quality of dogs in our program has made it possible to successfully place more dogs than we need to career change. While success rates constantly change due to numerous factors that are sometimes out of our control, we are thrilled to watch so many of the dogs in our care go on to support individuals with disabilities.

Life-changing Impact

The impact of your support is best exemplified through the heartwarming stories of individuals whose lives have been transformed.

Sheryl and Hearing Assistance Dog Pringles

“Pringles helps me come out of my shell. Without him, I would be very reclusive and wouldn’t have the quality of life I have now.”

Stacie and Facility Dog Filbert

“Facility Dog Filbert’s gentle and calm demeanor is perfect for very young patients who are meeting a dog for the first time through him in the hospital. He seems to orient a little extra toward the youngest patients and it is such a gift to be able to witness the connections made in the hospital with Filbert in the room.” Read their story here.

First shelter dogs placed as Service Dogs in From Shelter to Service Dog Program

In June of 2023, we introduced a pilot program in partnership with Operation Kindness in Texas to see if we could successfully train more shelter dogs as Service Dogs. Last quarter, there were several milestones in the program. Through your support, we’re excited to watch this program continue to grow – positively impacting shelter dogs AND their future clients. Learn more about these milestones in our recent article.

Recent milestones:

  • Facility Dog Walker was placed in an elementary school in Texas
  • Hearing Assistance Dog Annie was placed with a client in late February
  • 7 new shelter dogs were brought into the program and are currently in training

Watch our recent webinar replay to learn more about this exciting program!

A HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all our amazing supporters!

Your dedication and generosity have been instrumental in shaping the achievements of this quarter and have set the stage for transformative impacts yet to come. All of us at Dogs for Better Lives are deeply appreciative of your commitment to our Service Dogs, our clients, and our mission.

Every act of kindness, whether it’s a donation, volunteering hours, or spreading awareness, holds immense power in positively impacting the lives of those we serve.

We are so grateful for your partnership and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to celebrate further accomplishments with you next quarter!

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