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Rescuing Dogs, Changing Lives

By November 11, 20222 Comments

Training shelter and rescue dogs has always been a part of our mission at Dogs for Better Lives (DBL), and it always will be. We’ve had to be more creative in locating shelter dogs since the start of the pandemic. West Program Director, Kim Hyde, shares the stories of two of our recent rescues who have big dreams of one day becoming an Assistance Dog for someone in need. All of us at DBL are honored to give these rescue dogs a second chance at a happy and fulfilled life as a working dog. We’re committed to them for the rest of their lives, and they’ll never be at risk of ending up in a shelter again!

Meet Sushi

While I was visiting Washington and assessing some dogs in area shelters, I checked Facebook Marketplace and found Sushi, a 1-year-old mini-schnauzer, needing to be rehomed.

When I met Sushi, she was matted, had fleas, and worms, and seemed to act older than her age. Still, she was friendly, responded well to handling, was alert to sounds, and LOVED treats. Her owners told me they had bought her from a pet store during COVID and then had both lost their jobs and housing. They recognized Sushi needed more than they were able to offer her, so they were willing to rehome her to DBL.

Within a week she was acting like she felt a lot better, and we saw the young dog she is appear. Sushi has continued to pass all of her initial training evaluations and has started formal training.


Meet Charlie

We found Charlie, a Wheaton Terrier/Poodle mix, through an ad on Craigslist and asked to meet him. Charlie was matted and had fleas, but he was still happy and so silly. Charlie’s owners were displaced by recent wildfires and could not take any pets to their new location. Mom and daughter were heartbroken to give him up and sobbed when they said goodbye, but they hoped Charlie would make a difference in someone’s life. Charlie was immediately seen by the vet and groomed. He did great in his initial assessments and his response to sounds is going well. We all adore his sweet and playful personality, and he loves all his new dog friends too.


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