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Meet the Dogs for Better Lives Running Team in this year’s Falmouth Road Race

By July 28, 2023August 1st, 2023No Comments

Falmouth, MA – Dogs for Better Lives (DBL) is a charity partner for a second year in this year’s Falmouth Road Race! We are thrilled to announce the incredible runners of Dogs for Better Lives Team, who are all geared up for the highly anticipated Falmouth Road Race (FRR) on Sunday, August 20th in Falmouth. DBL is a proud member of the Falmouth community, which is home to our Northeast Training Campus. We are honored to be a charity partner in the iconic Falmouth Road Race again this year.

Every runner on the DBL team is united by their passion for running and their dedication to helping train and place Assistance Dogs with individuals in need. Each team member has set a goal of raising at least $1,500, and their collective efforts have already resulted in an impressive fundraising amount of over $13,700.

As race day approaches, you have the opportunity to get to know these amazing runners and support their fundraising efforts. Your contribution will go a long way in helping Dogs for Better Lives achieve their fundraising goal and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve. So, let’s cheer on the DBL team as they lace up their running shoes, combining their love for running and dogs to create a positive impact on the community and beyond!

We are working to match all the dollars raised by our runners and have matched $5,000 to date.

Donate by August 20th to our team page, or make a gift in support of your favorite runner below.

Meet the 2023 Dogs for Better Lives Falmouth Road Race Team

Jess Deckinger

“This is my second year running for Dogs with Better Lives. I specifically chose to run for your amazing organization twice because of the incredible positive impact our own special dog Jake has had with our girls. He is truly a special animal in our home and has changed all of our lives for the better. I genuinely wanted to shine this light on Dogs for Better Lives to help give the incredible gift of a service animal to others. In doing so I hope more people will also experience how dramatically a service animal can improve the lives of everyone around them. It’s also a gift to me to be able to show my girls that there are so many ways to act in service of others, just as Jake has done for us. We are grateful I have this opportunity again this year – and my girls will be on the race sidelines cheering on all of the Dogs for Better lives athletes – including me!”
Donate to Jessica’s fundraising page.


Julie Kinch

“I have not run the race for over 10 years, and finally had the time to train and run it this year. I chose your charity because I have a black lab rescue that was a registered visiting therapy dog for over 10 years. I know how much she helped so many people and think there should be more charities to train service dogs. There is such a long waiting list, and the cost is so high to get a trained service dog, we need more of them!”
Donate to Julie’s fundraising page.


Marie Buckner 

“I asked to be a part of the Dogs for Better Lives Falmouth Road Race running team because I wanted to help raise money for this amazing nonprofit organization. 100% of the proceeds raised goes to help train dogs to make the lives of so many people better by pairing individuals in need with a dog that will assist them and enrich their lives. The more you read about the organization and its mission the more you appreciate the work that they do. I am proud to be assisting in the small way to help them reach their goals.”
Donate to Marie’s fundraising page.


Lauren & Adrian Barros

“Adrian and I have a combined team page and will both be running.  We are excited to run and raise money for Dogs for Better Lives. When we saw the option to raise money for Dogs for Better Lives, and run the Falmouth Road Race, we both jumped at the opportunity. We are avid dog lovers, and we take our two (Bruin and Chesapeake), with us everywhere. We appreciate the work of the trainers and the work of the dogs too and would love to make their lives a little easier by raising money. We hope to do a great job fundraising for the cause and look forward to seeing more people benefit from the abundance of love that pups have to give.”
Donate to Lauren & Adrian’s fundraising page.


Alex Garron

“I have always loved running since I was little. I have run the Falmouth Road Race two times before this, but this year I thought I would run for a charity. I always try to give back wherever I can, and I think that running for a charity is the best way to do that. I scrolled through the available charities and found Dogs for Better Lives. It caught my eye because I believe in helping people so they can become the best version of themselves and so they can reach their goals in life. I also have a strong connection with dogs and have experienced myself, having two dogs, that dogs can make your life so much better. Just having that companion there to support you means a lot. They are highly intelligent, have a strong sense of their environment, and are also very caring. This organization really stood out to me because not only are you providing individuals in need with resources to be independent and reach their goals, but you are also providing them with a friend and companion.”
Donate to Alex’s fundraising page.


Nicole F.

Nicole has a Dogs for Better Lives Certified Hearing Dog, Freya, and is excited to be running on the DBL team. “I began running during nursing school. I found it was a great outlet for both the stress of losing my hearing and the stress of school. I had to learn to be at peace in silence while I ran. Running and my deafness are inextricably linked- now I use my running time to practice listening to books and music through my cochlear implant. When I saw that Dogs for Better Lives had a team I was so excited- I want to give back to the organization that gave me so much. I’m looking forward to melding two of my favorite things- my love for Freya and my love for running- while raising money so that more people in need of service dogs have the same opportunity DBL gave me.

While I now live in Rochester, NY I grew up in Massachusetts. I’m most excited to be able to race in my home state and have family and friends there to support me. I’ve also heard that the Falmouth road race is a beautiful course so I look forward to enjoying all 7 miles!”
Donate to Nicole’s fundraising page.


Josie K.

“This was supposed to be my second year running on behalf of Dogs for Better Lives. Unfortunately, I had a very bad biking accident on June 4 whereby I had multiple fractures making it impossible for me to physically be there. However, as a grandmother to two grandsons with Autism, I really believe in their mission. It’s an amazing charity and the fact that the race is being held on my 68th birthday was an extra plus because I want to be here for my grandchildren as long as I can to witness their growth and every milestone that they achieve thanks to the resources such as these out there. For that reason, I am still supporting their cause and raising as much money as possible so that others can get the resources necessary to lead better lives.”
Donate to Josie’s fundraising page.



Erin Angelo

Donate to Erin’s fundraising page.


Michael Tempesta

It is Michael’s second year running on the Dogs for Better Lives. Last year, he shared why he joined, “When I saw Dogs for Better Lives, I thought of my dad. My dad suffered from diabetes which ultimately caused him to lose his leg. Before he passed, I always wondered if a service dog could have helped him. I am also a teacher and I truly believe that school therapy dogs benefit students both academically and socially. Supporting this charity allows others to find the best companion that will enhance their lives.”
Donate to Michael’s fundraising page.

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