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Marketing VP Patty Jensen Joins DBL’s National Board, While Board of Directors Recognize Al Lane’s Tenure

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CENTRAL POINT, OR – At the July 19th quarterly meeting of DBL’s National Board of Directors, outgoing member Al Lane was recognized for his service, with a brief presentation. During Lane’s six years on the board, he served as vice president, following that up with serving as board president. The suite inside the North Kennel’s whelping room has now been recognized in Al and Kimberly Lane’s honor.

Al Lane, with former DBL demo dog Buzz.

Al Lane
During Al Lane’s tenure on the national board, both he and his wife Kimberly Lane volunteered as puppy raisers for Labrador Harley, who has since been placed as an Autism Assistance Dog.  “Fostering Harley and seeing the impact he has on an autistic child’s life (and that of his family) touched our hearts,” stated Lane.

“Al has certainly experienced significant change in Dogs for the Deaf, now Dogs for Better Lives, during this tenure,” stated Board Chairman David Hollingsworth. “We are forever grateful for his service, leadership, and commitment, and we look forward to his future engagement with DBL.”

Dating back to 2015, Lane has a seen an enormous amount of change, progress, and growth with the national nonprofit, including organizational name/branding change from Dogs for the Deaf to Dogs for Better Lives, completion of 18,000 sq. ft. North Kennel, and launching of Autism Assistance Dog program. Later in his tenure, he played an instrumental role during the transition in CEO leadership change, expansion of the national board, and supporting the acquisition of DBL’s future Northeast Campus in Massachusetts, among other initiatives.

“My wife, Kim, and I have always loved dogs, and when we found out about Dogs for the Deaf we were instantly hooked,” stated Al Lane. “It has meant a tremendous amount to me personally, to see it grow into Dogs for Better Lives over the past six years!  The quality of staff, organization, and the ability to fulfil the mission, puts a smile on my face!  I am extremely confident DBL will continue to do great things in the years to come!”

Also at the July meeting, the Board of Directors unanimously approved new member, Patty Jensen, from Sky Forest, CA. Having a board member in California will further help to solidify DBL’s growing presence in the state, along with a satellite office in Fresno, growth in the puppy raiser program, and plans to shortly launch a Young Professionals Board – CA.

“The Board of Directors are pleased to welcome Patty Jensen onto DBL’s national board,” stated David Hollingsworth. “Patty’s passion for the mission and her extensive background in marketing and technology, along with her senior leadership and passion for how dogs better others’ lives, will only better the national board and our role.”

Patty Jensen
Patty Jensen is originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan, majoring in communications and marketing.

Patty Jensen with her Pomeranian, Desi.

She started her career in Chicago but ended up finding herself in Southern California. While working as a manager of a large publication design department, she headed over to Epson to work as a merchandising manager. She met her husband, who is a Creative Director, and owned his own marketing and design agency, in the early 1990s. Jensen joined his agency and added many more clients, mainly in consumer electronics industry.

Jensen’s initial interest in Dogs for Better Lives was sparked by their work with Autism Assistance Dogs. She worked with children with autism while in college and has several friends and acquaintances with children on the spectrum. She also has a love for dogs and understands how their fierce sense of loyalty and unconditional love can bring so much joy and comfort to anyone’s life.

“I’m so grateful to [staff member] Wanda Cockey for nominating me for this position on the board of directors for Dogs for Better Lives,” stated Patty Jensen. “This organization is a perfect fit for my professional background and my passion for dogs. I look forward to participating in helping DBL further their cause and expand their reach.”

Jensen is excited to join the board of directors for Dogs for Better Lives and contribute on many different levels. Patty brings a strong knowledge of marketing, networking, and design to the table. Furter she is interested in helping to recruit for the Young Professionals Board (CA) as well as promote the National Ambassador program to prospective new volunteers.

She and her husband have one adult son and a Pomeranian with three legs named Desi.

“As DBL further advances its regional and national reach, community partnerships, strategic marketing, and client experience have been and will continue to be critical to our success,” stated CEO Bryan Williams. “From committee participation to philanthropic engagement, Patty will play a strategic role in helping to further advance DBL as a national leader in the Assistance Dog world.”

With Patty Jensen’s appointment, this brings DBL’s national board to 17 members. Outside of eight members in Oregon, the national board has directors residing in six other states across the country, including California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina (2), and Washington (2).

To learn more about DBL’s National Board of Directors and/or with inquiries in joining the board, visit here.

[Read full news release as PDF here]

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