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Hearing Assistance Dog Skye was placed with Alexis earlier this year. You may remember this amazing team from our recent article by Apprentice Assistance Dog Trainer, Emilia, who shared her experience placing Skye with Alexis. We recently interviewed Alexis to find out how they are doing as a Hearing Dog Team.


Q: What made you apply for a Hearing Assistance Dog?

Alexis: “I was not previously aware of Assistance Dogs for deaf individuals. Once I heard about Hearing Dogs, I was excited about the possibility. I applied for a Certified Hearing Dog from Dogs for Better Life without hesitation. The stories on the website were very inspirational.”


Certified Hearing Dog Skye out on a walk with Alexis.

Q: Do you remember the initial meeting with Skye? What was that like?

When I received the email that I was going to be receiving Skye, I was shocked and cried happy tears. I shared the news immediately with my family. I watched Skye on the website webcam as she would run around the play yard every day.

I remember the day I met Skye, she was more beautiful in person. I felt a bond almost immediately. I think it was like love at first sight.

At first, we were shy as we didn’t know each other yet. Later that day during a lunch break, we learned more about each other, and we grew closer. Our bond started becoming deeper and stronger.

At placement, I learned so much information along with training practices from Emilia and Ashley. Between the PowerPoint presentation by Ashley and helpful tips by Emilia, it was clear they were a total team. I remember when Skye accomplished a difficult task, we were all in tears. The experience met my expectations and I have many favorite memories with Ashley and Emilia. I occasionally continue to communicate with them about Skye’s adventures.

Q: How has life changed since Skye was placed with you?

Alexis and Skye enjoy going on a hike together.

Since Skye was placed with me, my life has changed for the better. Skye is not only an amazing Hearing Dog, she is also my best friend. We love to travel together and go on adventures.

I am no longer worried about missing sounds surrounding me. I depend on Skye to wake me up when my alarm goes off in the morning and so many other things.

When I am cooking and she hears the timer and she enthusiastically alerts me. These are things that used to stress me out a lot. Skye is so dependable, and I’m so grateful to have her in my life.


As of the date of this article, applications are open for Hearing Assistance Dogs. Visit dogsforbetterlives.org/dogs for information about our programs and to complete an application. All Assistance Dogs are provided to our clients at ZERO cost, thanks to donor support.

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