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CHILLICOTHE, OHIO  — Dogs for Better Lives (DBL) celebrates a milestone as five remarkable puppies graduate from the Prison Puppy Raising Program at Ross Correctional Institution (RCI) and have entered their professional training program. The occasion was marked in late March by a heartwarming family day where handlers proudly showcased the program puppies’ abilities and skills they have been working on for the past several months.

These five promising program puppies are on to the next phase of their journey towards becoming Service Dogs. They have just begun their professional training at DBL’s West training campus, where they will undergo specialized instruction tailored to their roles as Hearing Assistance Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs, or Facility Dogs.

The graduation ceremony not only recognized the achievements of these exceptional program puppies but also extends gratitude to the dedicated handlers and the supportive staff at Ross Correctional Institution. Their commitment and passion to these future Service Dogs have played an instrumental role in the success of this program.

In addition to celebrating the accomplishments of these graduates, DBL is pleased to announce the upcoming placement of more program puppies at RCI. The handlers are excited to meet their next trainees in the Prison Puppy Raising Program.

Through Prison Puppy Raising Program, handlers nurture the program puppies and train essential obedience skills that serve as the foundation for their future roles as Service Dogs. The program also benefits the handlers by offering the opportunity to gain skills in dog training and pet care, as well as patience, problem-solving, adaptability, and communication skills, which are all essential skills in the workforce.

These milestones in the Prison Puppy Raising Program mark the first year anniversary of the program. Since its inception, the program has witnessed remarkable growth and success. In the first year, the program has seen 6 puppies graduate, including Alder who graduated last month. These program puppies have completed the puppy program and are now advancing towards fulfilling their potential as Service Dogs.

“Dogs for Better Lives is immensely proud of the accomplishments of these six graduating program puppies and the continued success of our Prison Puppy Raising Program,” said Bryan Williams, CEO at Dogs for Better Lives.

“Their journey is a testament to the transformative power of the human-canine bond and the dedication of everyone involved in this noble endeavor. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the handlers, the staff at Ross Correctional Institution, and our generous funders for their invaluable contributions to this program.”

For more information about Dogs for Better Lives and their programs, please visit dogsforbetterlives.org/prison-puppy-raising


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Dogs for Better Lives

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