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Estate Planning Attorney Allison Int-Hout Joins Young Professionals Board

By November 4, 2021December 14th, 2022No Comments

CENTRAL POINT, OR ‒ In late October Dogs for Better Lives’ (DBL) Young Professionals Board (YPB) – Pacific Northwest secured Allison Int-Hout as its latest member. Alison joins an already dynamic and growing board made up of professionals from across Oregon and Washington State. With Int-Hout’s appointment, this brings the YPB to eleven members.

“The YPB team is looking forward to working with Allison, as we continue to grow and make our presence known in the region,” stated YPB Chair, Stacie Bianco. “In following DBL’s strategic plan in further establishing its regional and national reach, the Young Professionals Board is playing a critical role in assisting with community outreach and engagement, further extending our reach into the Pacific Northwest region.

Allison Int-Hout

As DBL continues to grow and expand on its mission to better the lives of those with disabilities, pairing them with an Assistance Dog, they are cultivating in tandem, the next generation of leaders in Washington’s Puget Sound and larger Pacific Northwest region, further engaging in and championing DBL’s mission and vision.

“We’re excited to have Allison join the YPB – PNW and know with their law skillsets, energy, and passion for the mission, she will help to elevate DBL’s exposure in the region to the next level,” stated CEO, Bryan Williams.

The DBL Young Professionals Board (YPB) is comprised of like-minded individuals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s that have a passion for dogs and giving back to people with disabilities in their communities.  Members are engaged in helping to market the mission of DBL, participating in outreach events, as well as planning and fundraising through a variety of initiatives.

With the support and guidance of the regional Young Professionals Board in Washington’s Puget Sound, DBL will host a yet-to-be-determined signature event, engaging volunteers, and community partners. Eventually, we will have Young Professionals Boards across the country, working to support each of our planned five regions.  Currently we have satellite offices in Washington, California, Arizona, and New Hampshire.

Allison Int-Hout

Allison Int-Hout is an estate planning attorney at a law firm based in Seattle, Washington. Allison’s law practice includes estate planning and estate administration, and her favorite part of her job is working with clients to create estate plans that meet their goals and bring them peace of mind.

Allison obtained a degree in Communication: Journalism and a minor in Spanish from the University of Washington in 2012, and then attended Seattle University School of Law and graduated in 2019.  Before Allison became an attorney, she worked for several years in marketing at a tech startup in Seattle.

Allison grew up in a small town in Central Washington and then lived in Seattle for about 12 years.  She recently moved back to the Wenatchee Valley with her husband and two dogs, a golden retriever named Kona and an Australian cattle dog mix named Smokey Bear.

“I’ve always said that my dream would be to raise a house full of service dogs. I feel so fortunate for this chance to volunteer on the DBL Young Professionals Board (and one day soon become a puppy raiser!) and contribute to the incredible service that DBL and these wonderful dogs are providing.”

When Allison isn’t working, she enjoys taking long walks along the river with her dogs, traveling to new places, eating sushi, and reading mysteries.

Allison joined the Young Professionals Board – PNW in October 2021.

To learn more about the Young Professionals Board – Puget Sound, and/or to submit your application for consideration to the YPB, please visit…  https://dogsforbetterlives.org/young-professionals-board/.


[Photo (top): Smokey (rescue), Allison, and Golden Retriever Kona]

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