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Dogs for Better Lives Hitting the Road in Massachusetts with the Falmouth Road Race

By July 13, 2022December 14th, 2022No Comments

Falmouth, MA – Dogs for Better Lives (DBL) is hitting the road on August 21st in Falmouth! The Falmouth Road Race (FRR) is a beloved local race that is celebrating its 50th year. DBL is a charity partner for the FRR and is excited to join in the historic race as a new member of the community. In April, DBL opened its new campus in East Falmouth, Massachusetts.

The Falmouth Road Race began in 1973 and has been a popular running event that attracts runners of all backgrounds – from Olympians to recreational runners – to enjoy the beautiful 7-mile seaside course.

When runners register for the race that aren’t on a charity team, they’re asked if they would like to donate to any of the nonprofits who have runners in the race. So far, Dogs for Better Lives has had 7 runners make a donation with their registration, which highlights the Falmouth community’s dedication to both the race, and to nonprofits. Since 2000, Falmouth Road Race, Inc. has helped charity partners raise over $50 million and bring awareness to their causes.

The Dogs for Better Lives team has 10 amazing runners who are all combining their love of running – and dogs – to help train and place more Assistance Dogs with people in need. Each team member has a goal of raising at least $820. To date, the team has raised more than $5,200.

Board Member Rich Perlman is an avid runner and knows an extra incentive can help motivate someone to get across the finish line. He has generously offered to match on for every dollar raised up to DBL’s Falmouth Road Race team fundraising goal of $10,000. Each donation made – up to $10,000 – will go twice as far.

Donate by August 21st to our team page, or make a gift in support of your favorite runner below.


Meet the Dogs for Better Lives Falmouth Road Race Team

Jessica Deckinger is running the race for the first time this year. “My daughter Nina (she is 12!) and I were researching the Falmouth Road Race and we saw Dogs for Better Lives! I’ve been amazed by the profound positive impact that our own special dog Jake has had with our girls, and am proud to be a part of helping others in need of a service animal’s incredible support.” Donate to Jessica’s fundraising page.

Emily Nelson joined the Dogs for Better Lives Board of Directors in January. “I am excited to represent Dogs for Better Lives’ Board of Directors on its Falmouth Road Race team this year! Fundraising efforts will support DBL’s newly opened Falmouth facility so the organization can continue to train and place Assistance Dogs throughout the country,” said Emily. Donate to Emily’s fundraising page.

Michael Tempesta was drawn to join the DBL team when he saw the list of charities participating. He says, “When I saw Dogs for Better Lives, I thought of my dad. My dad suffered from diabetes which ultimately caused him to lose his leg. Before he passed, I always wondered if a service dog could have helped him. I am also a teacher and I truly believe that school therapy dogs benefit students both academically and socially. Supporting this charity allows others to find the best companion that will enhance their lives.” Donate to Michael’s fundraising page.

Holly Wilcox-Cline says, “A dog’s love. It’s what makes my world go around, and I can’t think of a better charity to run for!” Donate toward Holly’s campaign.

Kelley Calkins is fundraising in honor of her daughter Joey and rescue dog Charlie. “I was researching different charities on the Falmouth Road Race website and found Dogs for Better Lives. I didn’t know about this organization previously and was so excited to read what they do. My husband and I rescued a dog, Charlie, over six years ago and she has been a great addition to our family. We have a two year old daughter with bilateral hearing loss and watching Charlie with her is the best! Our dog is patient, curious and loving to our daughter and we know that Dogs for Better Lives provides these types of relationships for so many families!” Donate toward Kelley’s campaign.

Mario Nimock says,I’ve always had a love for dogs, ever since my family took in our first pup when I was child. I was an only child, and we basically grew up together, so I know what great companions they can be. These days, while my husband and I are not currently dog parents, we do what we can to help our friends who are, whether that be pitching in with care, or helping out neighbors who are foster parents. I reached out to Dogs for Better Lives for pretty much that reason, to help raise money for the organization to provide companions for those in need.” Donate toward Mario’s campaign.

Gary Santaniello is looking forward to running on the Dogs for Better Lives team. “I’ve run Falmouth numerous times over the last 30-plus years because there’s no experience like it, from the course to the crowds that cheer you practically every foot of the race. I chose to run for Dogs for Better Lives this year because I believe the healing, helping, even life-saving power of dogs is one of the strongest forces among us.” Donate to Gary’s fundraising page.

Jameson Buttafuoco is running the race for the first time this year. He says, “I grew up on the Cape so the Falmouth Road Race is something that I have been hearing about my whole life. Dogs for Better Lives caught my attention because I love dogs in general, but having the opportunity to represent a company that places an Assistance Dog with people who need it the most is an honor. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this team and organization that does such a great thing for the community!” Donate to Jameson’s fundraising page.

Danielle Kempe is the Northeast Development Manager for Dogs for Better Lives. “We place dogs across the US – at no cost to the client! That’s why my job is wonderful. I raise funds so the clients don’t have to!” Donate to Danielle’s fundraising page.

Josie Kasuto says, “I’m so excited to be part of this team. Your charity aligns with everything I believe in. I’m an animal lover have two dogs & two cats all rescues. I also have two Autistic grandsons and see firsthand how animals are so important in the special needs community.” Donate to Josie’s fundraising page.

Michael Wyatt is running the race for the first time, and says, “I love dogs – my dog is a rescue and I donate regularly to Northeast Animal Shelter. Additionally, my mom has been a teacher for special needs children for 30 years – most have Autism.” Donate to Michael’s Fundraising Page

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