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DBL’s Young Professionals Board – Northeast Continues to Grow, With Addition of Massachusetts’ Caitlin Hughes

By June 28, 2022December 14th, 2022One Comment

FALMOUTH, MA ‒ In June, Caitlin Hughes joined Dogs for Better Lives’ (DBL) Young Professionals Board (YPB) – Northeast, becoming their sixth member since launching in January. Joining Caitlin on the YPB-NE, is Brianna Barry (MA), Jessica Sexton (VA), Blake Joh (NY), Janelle Suckley (MA), and Nick Bierley (NJ).

Caitlin Hughes

“We’re excited to see the Young Professionals Board – Northeast continuing to grow and expand across the northeast region,” stated YPB – NE Chair, Blake Joh. “With the Pacific Northwest chapter launching nearly two years ago, it’s exciting to now see some momentum with the Northeast chapter, continuing to expand with new members and a diversity of backgrounds and experience. Caitlin will play an instrumental role along with the rest of YPB, in advocating for and supporting DBL’s critical outreach work in the Northeast region.”

As DBL continues to grow and expand on its mission to better the lives of those with disabilities by pairing them with amazing Assistance Dogs, regional Young Professionals Boards are augmenting this focus by playing a key role in raising awareness and advocating for community support and education.

“We’re pleased to have Caitlin join the Young Professionals Board – NE and know with her respective background, community building experience, and passion for the mission, she will help to elevate DBL’s community presence in the region to the next level,” stated CEO, Bryan Williams.

Caitlin and her canine sidekick, Symba.

The DBL Young Professionals Boards (YPB) are comprised of like-minded individuals in their 20s, 30s, and 40s that have a passion for dogs and giving back to people with disabilities in their communities.  Members are engaged in helping to market the mission of DBL, participating in outreach events, as well as planning and fundraising through a variety of initiatives.

With the support and guidance of the regional Young Professionals Board in both the Pacific Northwest and Northeast, DBL will host signature events nationally around September’s National Service Dog Month, engaging volunteers, and community partners. Eventually, DBL will have Young Professionals Boards across the country, working to support each of national nonprofit’s planned five regions.  Currently DBL has satellite offices in Washington, California, Arizona, and New Hampshire.

Caitlin Hughes
Caitlin joins Dogs for Better Lives’ Young Professionals Board – Northeast after several years in the rare disease space, working with families impacted by Duchenne muscular dystrophy. She specialized in grassroots development and fundraising, as well as program management. Prior to that, she earned her B.A. in Psychology from Mount Holyoke College and an LL.M. in International Human Rights Law from the National University of Ireland, Galway, with a focus on Disability Law. She has seen firsthand the impact that quality interventional services have for families who need them.

In her current role with the Fletcher School for Law and Diplomacy, Caitlin helps manage Employer Relations in global networks. A skilled relationship-builder, she is excited to assist in spreading the mission of DBL. With her background in nonprofit fundraising and event management, she believes she will be an asset to the growing Young Professionals Board.

Caitlin is a dual citizen of the United States and Ireland, and lived abroad for several years with her sidekick Symba. Symba was a gifted companion and grew Caitlin’s passion for canine assistance. She looks forward to playing a small role in matching more people with their own sidekicks.

Caitlin grew up in Vermont but has called South Shore Massachusetts home for several years now. In her free time, she enjoys puzzles and crafts, comedy shows, taking in the seasonal perks of New England, and playing with her enormous cat, Toast, who she swears is very dog-like.

“The mission of DBL is close to my heart,” stated Caitlin. “Having experienced the impact that Assistance Dogs and facility dogs have for the individuals and families who need them most. I am thrilled to join the impactful and talented Northeast Chapter of the YPB in expanding the reach of DBL.”

In addition to further growing the Northeast chapter, DBL is continuing to look for new members to join the Pacific Northwest chapter, as well as launch its California chapter in 2022. To learn more about the Young Professionals Board and/or to submit your application for consideration, please visit…  https://dogsforbetterlives.org/young-professionals-board/.

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