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DBL Staff and Assistance Dogs in training visit Mercy Flights in Medford on a recent training trip.

Recently, our trainers and their Assistance Dogs in training had the incredible opportunity to visit Medford Mercy Flights, a nonprofit air and ground ambulance service organization. This visit was a pivotal experience for our dogs in training and an educational exchange with the Mercy Flight team.

A Unique Training Experience

Training visits in the community provide an invaluable chance for our dogs to become accustomed to new environments and experiences, and in today’s case, exploring the interior of a helicopter. Our day began with a warm welcome from the Mercy Flights team. The excitement was palpable as trainers Claudia, Eli, and Melissa introduced our future Assistance Dogs Baxter, Dorothy and Clover to the pilots and first responders. The dogs had many opportunities to work on their polite greetings and other skills in this unique setting.

Educating and Inspiring

One of the highlights of the day was the opportunity to educate the Mercy Flights team about the role and needs of Service Dogs. Upon meeting the dogs, the first responders considered how to comfortably and safely transport Service Dogs with their handlers, ensuring that in emergency situations, both human and canine are well cared for. The mutual exchange of knowledge and the interaction between the dogs and the team was heartwarming, with many smiles and wagging tails throughout the day.

Our visit to Medford Mercy Flights was more than just a trip; it was a day filled with learning, sharing, and connecting. Seeing our dogs interact with the Mercy Flights team and watching the team’s reactions was truly special. We are grateful for the hospitality and the opportunity to expand our dogs’ experiences, preparing them even more for their future roles as Assistance Dogs.


Volunteer Opportunity: Canine Copilots

Our dogs in training have other opportunities to take flight. We offer a unique volunteer opportunity for those with a love of aviation and passionate about making a difference: Canine Copilots. As part of this program, volunteers can help fly future Assistance Dogs, playing a crucial role in their training and development. By becoming a Canine Copilot, you can help us make independence possible for people with disabilities, one flight at a time. Learn more about the opportunity at dogsforbetterlives.org/canine-copilots.

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