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5 Reasons Why I am a DBL Trainer: Laura

By August 5, 2019December 12th, 2023No Comments

Certified Assistance Dog Trainer

1. I love working with dogs!

2. I love working with people.

3. I get to change lives!

4. I get to do a job that I love.

5. Being a trainer keeps me active and on my toes!


Laura is a Certified Assistance Dog Trainer who came to Dogs for Better Lives with 15 years experience training guide dogs.  She has placed approximately 200 guide dog and service dog teams in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Trinidad, Canada, and throughout the US.

Laura is from the Detroit area in Michigan and originally began her career with animals as a veterinary technician.  She has three dogs: Cinnamon, a border collie; Aria, a yellow lab; and Pololos, a Belgian Tervuren/Shepherd mix.

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