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5 Reasons Why I am a DBL Trainer: Ashley

By August 23, 2019December 12th, 2023No Comments

Certified Assistance Dog Trainer

  1. I’m here for the clients: Having the ability to train a dog that will enhance someone’s life is incredibly rewarding.  It’s inspiring to see the work I put into the dog transfer to the client, and then watching the client and the dog effectively working together.
  2. I get to play a role in something BIG: The life changing impact an Assistance Dog can have on an individual,  aside from the physical aid, they can enhance the emotional well-being of a person with the bond that is created.  Playing a part in making this come together is gratifying.
  3. My love for dogs:  Working with dogs, I get to closely watch the progress they make from an immature pup to a wonderful Assistance Dog.
  4. Sense of community:  As an Assistance Dog trainer, I have the pleasure of working with a lot of people, volunteers, donors, puppy raisers, and more.  It’s amazing to work with individuals that share the same passion, working together supporting one another for the same cause.
  5. Advocate in the community: As part of being an Assistance Dog trainer, I’m out in the community working with the dogs.  Showing through our high standards of training and speaking to the public, I’m educating individuals and advocating for all Assistance Dogs.

Ashley is a Certified Assistance Dog Trainer, joining Dogs for Better Lives with more than eight years of experience in training and placing Assistance Dogs. She has trained a variety of Assistance Dogs, including service dogs for people with low mobility; dogs for children living with disabilities; and dogs working in a variety of facility roles. Ashley grew up in a small farming community in Maribel, Wisconsin where she first learned to love and care for animals. She and her husband Ryan currently have three dogs: a 14-year old toy poodle name Freddy; an 8-year-old Lab-golden cross named Mr. Wilfred; and a 3-year old German Shepard name Dharma.

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