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Service With a Pawpose, DBL’s National Service Dog Month Kicks Off Sept 1st

By August 26, 2021No Comments

Central Point, ORNational Service Dog Month (NSDM) kicks off next Wednesday, September 1st and is recognized all month long. This will be the third year that Dogs for Better Lives (DBL) has actively participated, along with organizing a number of in-person events, as well as engagement opportunities online with social media.

Jimmy John’s (Medford, OR) participating in National Service Dog Month in 2020.

National Service Dog Month was created to celebrate dogs who help humans. You can find Service Dogs not only assisting individuals, but in schools, skilled nursing facilities, courthouses, physical therapy practices, hospitals, and much more. The goal in each setting remains the same – the working dogs help to support and increase independence for the people they are serving.

“National Service Dog Month with all of its planned events, is a great way for us to expand our visibility and promote the ongoing need for volunteers to answer our call,” stated CEO Bryan Williams. “September’s theme of ‘Service with a Pawpose,’ truly is just that, as our dogs and volunteers are such a critical piece to supporting DBL’s overall mission.”

From three years ago, in organizing a few local events in southern Oregon, to 2021 with multiple events across the west coast and country, NSDM has truly become a national event and focal point for DBL.

Events throughout the month of September are being planned to raise general awareness, while also promoting the need for more volunteers to answer the call and support DBL’s critical programs, including a continuing need for breeder caretakers and puppy raisers.

With the breeding program continuing to grow and expand, augmented by DBL’s shelter dog acquisition, more dogs are anticipated coming onto campus in the coming months. Volunteers will continue to play a key role as caretakers of breeder dogs and raising puppies.

Certified Assistance Dog Trainer Brittany working with Audie at Jimmy John’s (Medford, OR).

Regionally, Jimmy John’s (southern Oregon) and Subway (Portland) are supporting DBL during National Service Dog Month, with events at several of their locations. In central Oregon, the Golf Tournament at Pronghorn Resort (Bend) will be hosting a fundraising event for DBL, and in southern Oregon’s Jacksonville, the Bingham Knoll Campus will be supporting an outreach event. In southern California, the Lake Arrowhead Brewery will host a Barks and Brews event, to benefit DBL

“National Service Dog Month is not only a great opportunity for DBL to raise further awareness, but also provides great public exposure and experience for our trainers and their dogs in training, stated Training Manager, Kim Hyde. “Often through public outings and planned events, our trainers have the ability to educate the public as well, as to the role Assistance Dogs serve, in bettering others’ lives.”

To see a confirmed list of NSDM events being planned in September, you can visit here.  If you are not near one of our planned events, please visit our website and/or follow us on Facebook/Instagram to learn more about how you can take action.

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