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Residential Architect Trenton Jewett Joins DBL’s Regional Advisory Board – California

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CENTRAL POINT, OR ‒ In early August, Dogs for Better Lives’ (DBL) Regional Advisory Board – California welcomed Trenton Jewett as its newest member. From the Bay Area, Trenton joins a growing board that now encompasses five members from across the state of California.

Trenton Jewett and his rescued Formosan mountain dog, Rocky.

“We’re excited to have Trenton joining the Regional Advisory Board – California,” stated RAB – CA chair Hana Kim. “With his professional architectural background and personal experience with shelter dogs, we know his talents and knowledge will be valued.”

As DBL continues to grow and expand on its mission to better the lives of those with disabilities, pairing them with an amazing Assistance Dog, they are cultivating in tandem the next generation of leaders in California, and across the country. The Regional Advisory Board – California was established in 2022 and while continuing to grow in size, is now beginning to create impact and awareness while further championing DBL’s advocacy and outreach efforts.

“We’re pleased to have Trenton join our Regional Advisory Board – CA and know with his background and passion for the mission, he will help to elevate DBL’s presence in California to the next level,” stated CEO, Bryan Williams. “We love the fact that he has a rescued Formosan mountain dog too.”

DBL’s Regional Advisory Boards (RAB) are comprised of like-minded professionals who have a passion for the organization’s mission, see the intrinsic value that service dogs play in the lives of those with disabilities, and wish to be a part of something much bigger than themselves.  Members are primarily engaged in helping to promote DBL’s mission through outreach opportunities, riase awareness for its puppy raising program, as well as planning and fundraising through a variety of initiatives.

With support and guidance from DBLs’ Regional Advisory Boards across the country, including the Pacific Northwest and Northeast chapters, they annually are playing a key role in promoting National Service Dog Month in September. Each RAB leads on organizing “Barks & Brews” events in their region, to raise awareness and donation support of DBL and the puppy raiser program, among promoting other volunteer opportunities.

Trenton Jewett
Trenton Jewett is originally from a small town located in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. San Francisco became his home for education, which later transformed into a career in residential architecture. When not designing homes, Trenton enjoys cooking and exploring the outdoors through backpacking, mountain biking, and kayaking. Trenton enjoys sharing his adventures with Rocky, his rescued Formosan mountain dog from Taiwan.

The transition from a mountainous backdrop to an urban landscape has influenced both his professional and personal perspectives. It’s a blend of nature’s tranquility and the city’s energy that guides him.

“I believe that rescue dogs can embody resilience and loyalty, qualities that translate into remarkable service dogs which can offer unmatched devotion and support,” stated Trenton.

In addition to further growing the Pacific Northwest, Northeast, and California chapters, DBL is looking to add chapters in Florida and Texas over the next year.

To learn more about the Regional Advisory Boards and/or to submit your application for consideration, please visit…  https://dogsforbetterlives.org/regional-advisory-board/.

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