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Microsoft’s Kellie Green and Facility Dog Client Stacie Bianco Join DBL’s National Board

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CENTRAL POINT, OR – On January 23rd at Dogs for Better Lives’ (DBL) recent quarterly meeting the National Board of Directors unanimously approved two new members, Kellie Green (WA) and Stacie Bianco (DC).

With these appointments, DBL’s national board moves to 19 voting members, and 21 overall. The board includes members residing in ten states across the country, including California, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington State. Further, the national board includes two board fellows from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business.

“The board of directors are pleased to welcome Kellie Green and Stacie Bianco onto DBL’s National Board,” stated Board Chairman Dr. Danielle Rose. “With their expertise in IT customer support and animal health respectively, they will quickly help to augment DBL’s national board and its diversifying presence across the Pacific Northwest and East Coast.”

With Kellie’s strong background in IT support and customer experience and Stacie’ tenured experience in animal health, both board members will immediately help to solidify expertise needs on the national board. Both also have past experience in helping to raise and train puppies for DBL’s national puppy program.

“As DBL further expands its national presence, Kellie and Stacie will quickly help DBL to further solidify its on-the-ground presence in the Pacific Northwest and East Coast regions respectively. stated CEO Bryan Williams. “From committee participation to regional networking and advocacy, they will play crucial roles in helping to further advance DBL as a national leader in the Assistance Dog world.”

Kellie Green with DBL puppy-in-training Noelle.

Kellie Green
Kellie Green has spent more than 25-years in leadership positions within the technology sector, including companies such as Amazon and Microsoft. Kellie is currently responsible for overseeing Microsoft’s connected customer support experience organization.

Kellie is a Pacific Northwest native and lifelong dog lover. She and her husband, David Bond, have lived and worked in India, the Philippines, Boston, Russia, Southern California, and the Seattle area and have had their dogs with them all over the world. Kellie brings her experience leading large, international organizations and managing budgets and operations to the DBL board.

Kellie and David are puppy raisers for Dogs for Better Lives and are currently raising their third puppy, Noelle.

“After I heard from the client who is now paired with the first puppy we raised, I was inspired to do more for Dogs for Better Lives, by fundraising and spreading the word about the puppy raiser program,” stated Kellie. “A neighbor saw one of the DBL puppy raisers fliers we shared, and they’re a DBL puppy raiser! Joining DBL’s national board will allow me to contribute further in helping to make a positive impact in the lives of others.”

Stacie Bianco
Stacie has been involved with Assistance Dog programs since 2015 and a volunteer with Dogs for Better Lives since 2020. She has served on the Regional Advisory Board as Chair of the Pacific Northwest Chapter for DBL, supported the Puppy Raiser Program, and was placed with DBL Facility Dog, Filbert, in 2022. Stacie is a Certified Animal-Assisted Intervention Specialist and works alongside Filbert as a team in adult and children’s hospitals. She has also Puppy Raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind with a recent puppy now an active guide dog in Canada.

Stacie Bianco with Facility Dog Filbert.

Stacie brings more than ten years of experience in the animal health industry and is the Project Manager for Covetrus, a global animal health company, in North America Strategic Partnerships. She oversees critical EBITDA generating projects focused on the execution of commercial strategy and operations. Prior to Covetrus, Stacie was with VCA Animal Hospitals managing operations and training projects and Merial, now Boehringer Ingelheim, in veterinary field sales territory management. She holds a B.S. in Animal Science from Purdue University.

In her free time, Stacie and her husband enjoy hiking and traveling with their two dogs, DBL Facility Dog, Filbert, and Border Collie, Briggs. They enjoy volunteering in the community and are a military family, her husband active duty in the Coast Guard. They will soon be relocating from Portland, OR to Washington, DC.

“It’s an honor to serve on the Board of Directors as Dogs for Better Lives expands and to be a part of an innovative program creating life-changing partnerships between dogs and people,” stated Stacie. “Seeing the impact Facility Dog, Filbert, has in hospitals and in the community is profound and I hope to continue to contribute to DBL and the Assistance Dog field for many years to come.”

To learn more about DBL’s National Board of Directors and/or with inquiries in joining the board, visit… https://bit.ly/2BrQZfU. You can also visit DBL’s profile on cariclub and Boardlead to learn more.

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