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Foster (Dec 2016)

By December 20, 2016August 13th, 2019No Comments

ˈfôs-ter, (verb) encourage or promote the development of something (typically something regarded as good).

December 2016

staff_pic_1216At Dogs for the Deaf we foster more than just our future Assistance Dog puppies. We foster personal and professional relationships, along with new and creative ideas to ultimately help people live better lives. We work hard to establish a trust with the dogs we rescue, train and place as Assistance Dogs.

After the dogs graduate from training, they quickly bond and earn the trust of the client they’re placed with. That trust fosters the anticipated beginning of a rewarding life-long relationship between the Assistance Dog, Client and Dogs for the Deaf.

In the coming months we will continue to foster this blog to share meaningful stories, experiences and ideas from our Training, Development and Finance Departments, as well as contributions from the community. We hope that you will read our stories and walk alongside us on this journey toward encouraging the development of something good.

Thank you for your generous support this past year – your donations are truly changing lives.

Happy Holidays,

Dogs for the Deaf Staff

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