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Dr. Chelly Quinn and U.S. Bank’s Stephanie Deines Join DBL’s National Board

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CENTRAL POINT, OR – On October 17th at Dogs for Better Lives’ (DBL) quarterly meeting the National Board of Directors unanimously approved two new members, Dr. Chelly Quinn (TX) and Stephanie Deines (TN).

With this appointment, DBL’s national board moves to 18 voting members. In addition to six directors from across Oregon, the board includes members residing in eight other states across the country, including California (2), Massachusetts (2), North Carolina (2), New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington (2).

“The board of directors is pleased to welcome Dr. Chelly Quinn and Stephanie Deines onto DBL’s National Board,” stated Board Chairman Dr. Danielle Rose. “With their expertise in veterinary medicine and finance respectively, they will quickly help to augment DBL’s national board and its diversifying presence across the Gulf Coast and Southeast.”

With Dr. Chelly Quinn’s strong background in veterinary medicine and Stephanie Deines’ tenured experience in finance and leadership, both board members will immediately help to solidify expertise needs on the national board.

“As DBL further advances its national presence, Dr. Chelly and Stephanie will quickly help DBL to further solidify its on-the-ground presence in the Gulf Coast and Southeast regions respectively,” stated CEO Bryan Williams. “From committee participation to regional networking and advocacy, they will play a crucial role in helping to further advance DBL as a national leader in the Assistance Dog world.”

Dr. Chelly Quinn with her two dogs, Scout (Golden Retriever) and Odyssey (Lab Golden mix).

Dr. Chelly Quinn
Dr. Chelly (Michelle) Quinn is a semi-retired veterinarian who has a passion for working dogs. She graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine and played basketball at the collegiate level. Dr. Chelly was raised in a small town in western Oklahoma and later met and married her husband, Dr Joe Quinn, in veterinary school. Following vet school graduation, they moved to the Dallas metroplex.

She and her family raised an assistance puppy in the late 1990’s. “Dee” fell in line with their three human children, spending a lot of time at their small animal veterinary practice in Mesquite, Texas when not on field trips or at athletic fields and gyms supporting the kids’ teams. Dee did not make the cut to become an Assistance Dog, so she returned to the Quinn family and became an outstanding ambassador and therapy dog, which sparked Dr. Chelly to pursue helping out with other service dogs and organizations.

Dr. Chelly is a board member for Search One Rescue Team, which serves north Texas urban and rural communities. Cooper, a handsome golden retriever, was her working trailing dog for the team and taught Dr. Chelly even more ways dogs can help people. Dr. Chelly cared for many local police dogs and became certified in techniques to help screen dogs for a variety of orthopedic issues to help determine the best dogs for training and breeding. She and her family continue to volunteer their time with service dog organizations in the Dallas area.

In 2015, Dr. Chelly pursued and became certified in rehabilitation/therapy and acupuncture for animals and incorporated these services into their practice. The Quinns sold their small animal practice in 2019, though Dr. Chelly continues to manage a very limited house call service, primarily for dogs recovering from orthopedic surgery or elderly dogs with mobility issues. She enjoys having their three children and their families nearby and a growing crew of grandkids. Scout, a two-year old golden retriever, and Odyssey, a five year old lab/golden mix share their love and their home. Both are therapy dogs who bring joy at local hospitals.

“I am always amazed at all the gifts dogs provide us humans,” stated Dr. Chelly.  “We owe it to those trusting souls to make their lives as enriched as possible while they in turn care for us in so many ways. I am excited to get involved in Dogs for Better Lives and help out however I possibly can.”

Stephanie Deines and her rescue dogs, Lilly (left) and Jenny (far right)

Stephanie Deines
Born and raised in Sandwich, Illinois, Stephanie grew up with a love for animals and the outdoors. Stephanie spent most of her summers camping, fishing, hiking and exploring nature with her family. Early on, Stephanie discovered that she had a skill for the creative arts, drawing, painting and crafts. This interest led her to pursue an education in Graphic Design where she explored various forms of media art as well as Business management.

After moving to Las Vegas, NV in 2002 to be closer to family, Stephanie became a mom to sons Steven and Nicholas. Raising two boys, Stephanie’s home was nothing short of a zoo. They had everything from dogs to reptiles, rodents and birds – most of which were rescue pets. While in Las Vegas, Stephanie volunteered for Nevada SPCA and Peoples First of NV – a local non-profit dedicated to enabling and empowering adults with disabilities to become more independent. She was also an event volunteer and foster pet parent for smaller nonprofit rescues, where she found a calling as protector and advocate for rescue dogs – specifically bully breeds.

In 2009, Stephanie began her career with U.S. Bank, as an “accidental banker,” a term fondly used by the organization for team members who never planned a career in the banking world. Stephanie found her natural inclination towards finance and customer experience, along with a passion to lead, teach and inspire others. She fast tracked her career growth and development, earning a Branch Manager position for the Las Vegas Market in 2012. Since then, Stephanie has been instrumental in the career development of many others and has found a way to merge her creative side with her banking career.

From 2017 to 2022, Stephanie spent time as Branch Manager and Employee Engagement Lead after relocating to Grants Pass, OR. There, she spearheaded local initiatives focused on new business development and growth, creating programs around employee engagement as well as co-creating and piloting the district’s leadership development workshop.

Stephanie has since continued to grow in her career with U.S. Bank and recently relocated to the Knoxville area. Stephanie and her husband Dan are now settled in rural Tennessee on 30 acres of farmland with their rescue dogs, Jenny, Lilly, Bronx and recent addition, a 3-month old blue heeler puppy named Dixie. When Stephanie is not leading her branch teams or networking with the local business community in the city, she is tending to her farm where the family keeps an apiary and raises Nigerian dwarf dairy goats and chickens. The Deines family also care for their growing herd of angus cattle who roam their pastures. Finding purpose in living a more self-sufficient lifestyle, Stephanie enjoys growing, raising, and preserving their food as well as selling their local honey, eggs, goat cheese, and soap.

“I truly understand the impact of sharing your life with a dog,” stated Stephanie. “I know that for so many people it can significantly improve their quality of life, which is why I am so excited to join Dogs for Better Lives and help do just that.“

To learn more about DBL’s National Board of Directors and/or with inquiries in joining the board, visit… https://bit.ly/2BrQZfU. You can also visit DBL’s profile on cariclub and Boardlead to learn more.

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