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Deaf Actor Ryan Lane and Dogs for Better Lives Cooking with Pawpose for National Service Dog Month

By September 13, 2021No Comments

Central Point, OR – Throughout the month of September, Dogs for Better Lives (DBL) is celebrating National Service Dog Month (NSDM), with a number of outreach events and online activities in regions of the United States where we place Hearing, Autism and Facility Dogs to assist individuals with disabilities.

Actor Ryan Lane with Regional Field Representative Laura Encinas and former shelter dog Philly.

DBL is excited to be collaborating with deaf actor Ryan Lane (Switched at Birth) on September 15th via Facebook Live, with VIP access to his personal cooking demonstration in southern California.  In a guest appearance, actress B.K. Cannon (played Ryan’s GF in Switched at Birth) will join Ryan on set, while he cooks up his delicious dish.

DBL and Ryan Lane Facebook followers can login to watch Lane create a delicious vegan dish, as well as learn about recipe tips, and see what great Caldera Brewing beer pairing DBL and Ryan suggest you choose. This event is being sponsored by DBL partner, S+B James Construction.

Prior to cooking, DBL client Barbara will provide a demonstration with her Hearing Assistance Dog Wrigley.

DBL’s theme for 2021 is “Service with a Pawpose,” while celebrating dogs who help and serve humans. You can find Service Dogs not only assisting individuals, but placed in schools, skilled nursing facilities, courthouses, physical therapy practices, hospitals, among other locations. The goal in each setting remains the same – these working dogs help to support and increase independence for the people they assist.

“National Service Dog Month with all of its planned events, is a great way for us to expand visibility and promote the ongoing need for volunteers to answer our call,” stated CEO Bryan Williams. “We’re thrilled to be working with Ryan Lane again and look forward to the amazing dish he pairs with our newest partner, Caldera Brewing.”

Deaf actor Ryan Lane.

Events throughout the month of September are being planned to raise general awareness, while also promoting the need for more volunteers to answer the call and support DBL’s critical programs, including a continuing need for breeder caretakers and puppy raisers.

Regionally, Jimmy John’s (southern Oregon) and Subway (Portland) are supporting DBL during National Service Dog Month, promoting the need for future puppy raisers. In central Oregon, the Golf Tournament at Pronghorn Resort (Bend) will be hosting a charity event for DBL. In southern California, the Lake Arrowhead Brewery will host a Barks and Brews event, to benefit DBL. In Massachusetts, Bone Up Brewing Company (Everett) and Widowmaker Brewing (Braintree) are hosting Barks and Brews events, benefitting DBL.

To see a confirmed list of NSDM events being planned in September, you can visit here.  If you are not near one of our planned events, please visit our website and/or follow us on Facebook/Instagram to learn more about how you can take action.

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