Puppy Love Campaign Social Media Toolkit

Thank you for all you do to support Dogs for Better Lives! In this toolkit, we’re providing you resources that will make it super easy for you to help connect more people to Dogs for Better Lives and to raise awareness of our Puppy Love campaign. 

Puppy Love Month Goals

  • Recruit new Puppy Raisers for Dogs for Better Lives 

  • Fundraise to help cover DBL’s expenses for TWO program puppies ($6,000) 


February is a month all about L-O-V-E, and who doesn’t love puppies? We’ve combined the two themes to raise awareness all month long about our Puppy Raiser volunteer opportunity, and to highlight all that goes into these future life-changing Service Dogs. It takes a village, and lots of investment! 

The biggest thing you can do to help is to share our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter with your own network throughout the month of February. 

Outline of Posts:

Below is an outline of dates (timing and content subject to change) when we will be posting to Dogs for Better Lives social media accounts. When you see a post, tap to share the post. We recommend that you add your own message to personalize the post, because this will you’re your post better break through the algorithms. 

DBL Social Media Post Dates:

  • 2/1: Puppy Love Month kicks off today! (sharing video and landing page: dogsforbetterlives.org/puppylove) 
  • 2/1: Order our limited-edition Puppy Love tee! 
  • 2/3: Puppy raiser infographic 
  • 2/6: Meet DBL’s puppy program team 
  • 2/7: Puppy raiser feature 
  • 2/9: Shout out to DBL’s repeat puppy raisers 
  • 2/13: Last chance to order your DBL Puppy Love month apparel
  • 2/14: Puppy raiser feature 
  • 2/16: Building community through puppy packs 
  • 2/20: The hero’s journey – following our “F” litter 
  • 2/21: Puppy raiser feature 
  • 2/23: Thank you to our RAB – puppy kits 
  • 2/27: The importance of puppy raisers – from a client perspective 
  • 2/28: last chance to donate for Puppy Love 

Ways to personalize your outreach:

  • I’m a proud (volunteer, board member, client) with Dogs for Better Lives! As we continue to grow as an organization, so does the need for puppy raisers. Please consider volunteering as a puppy raiser. 
  • This organization is so near and dear to my heart as a (puppy raiser, board member). One of the most interesting (and fun) ways to get involved is to become a puppy raiser! Please consider volunteering. You’ll get to help a puppy on its journey towards becoming a service dog! 
  • Even if you can’t volunteer as a puppy raiser, you can help support a future assistance dog! Help Dogs for Better Lives raise $6000 this month to cover expenses for two puppies in their program. 




If you make your own post, be sure to include the following hashtags so we can follow along.  

  • #dogsforbetterlives
  • #dbl
  • #puppylove
  • #changelives 

Talking Points: 

  • Change lives, one puppy at a time 
  • Puppy raisers wanted! Do you love puppies and want to play an important role in placing an Assistance Dog with someone in need? We are seeking volunteer puppy raisers. Learn more at dogsforbetterlives.org/puppylove.
  • Interested in becoming a puppy raiser? Visit dogsforbetterlives.org/puppylove to see if we are seeking volunteers in your area. Then, apply today! 
  • Not able to volunteer? Make a donation to help us sponsor two puppies during our month-long Puppy Love Campaign. 
  • Looking for love? Why not raise a puppy? Many of our Assistance Dogs start their training journey with our dedicated team of volunteer breeder caretakers and puppy raisers. These volunteers are instrumental in helping our puppies learn about the world, develop basic skills and grow up ready to change the life of someone in need. Our volunteers are paid handsomely in PUPPY LOVE – kisses, snuggles and laughs. Learn more at dogsforbetterlives.org/puppylove 

Other Ways to Promote Puppy Love Month:

  • Start a Facebook Fundraiser benefitting DBL 
  • Post a short video or photo with a message about why you love Dogs for Better Lives.
    • Include:
      • #dogsforbetterlives hashtag
      • link: dogsforbetterlives.org/puppylove 

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