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From Puppy to Placement

Pack members are currently following puppy in training, Emerald, on her path to becoming an Assistance Dog. Emerald was born in March 26, 2022 and was transferred to us from a partner organization. Puppy Raisers Megan and Claire raised Emerald and gave her a solid foundation for her future training as an Assistance Dog. Emerald is currently at our West Campus training in our Hearing Assistance Dog Program. Each month, we share an update on Emerald’s progress – and don’t forget the cute puppy pics! 

Current Pack Member Monthly Update:

Past issues of the Pack Monthly Newsletter:

We Love Feedback!

As our valued donor, we would like to hear from you! We would love to hear how you think we’re doing, and how we can improve. Our team at Dogs for Better Lives will use this information to explore ways that we can improve.

Questions? Contact sara@dogsforbetterlives.org.

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