Hearing Assistance Dogs Qualifications

Please carefully read the following before proceeding with the application. 

Dogs for Better Lives places Hearing Dogs nationally. 
Applicant will not qualify if a dog is currently living in the home. 
Applicant must be 18 or older.
Applicant must need a Hearing Dog to alert them to a minimum of three sounds in the home.
If applicant qualifies for a Home Hearing Dog, a vest is not provided, and the dog is not allowed to go into public places or accompany you to the workplace.
If the applicant qualifies for a Certified Hearing Dog, a vest will be provided upon placement and the Assistance Dog can assist you at work, in public, and when traveling 
DBL does not place dogs based on preference of size, gender, breed, coat type, or color.
The majority of DBL dogs are Labrador Retrievers weighing 50 pounds or more.