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Facility Dogs Qualifications

Please carefully read the following before proceeding with the application. 

DBL places Facility Dogs nationally
DBL will place Facility Dogs with a pet dog in the home if the pet dog is temperamentally sound and gets along well with other dogs
Applicant must work or volunteer a minimum of 20 hours per week within their role
Facility Dogs are different from Therapy Animals. They are are trained to do specific, skilled tasks and are placed with working professionals or volunteers to help support them in their work with vulnerable populations and persons with disabilities (physical, mental, cognitive, sensory, or developmental).
DBL does not place dogs based on preference of size, gender, breed, coat type, or color.
The majority of DBL dogs are Labrador Retrievers weighing 50 pounds or more. 
It is advised to discuss having a Facility Dog with your employer or supervisor prior to applying. DBL requires written authorization as part of the application process. 
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