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The Service Dog Song Debut

By August 24, 2022No Comments

Recently, Dogs for Better Lives participated in the Together in Harmony festival on July 16, 2022 in Dallas. The event, hosted by Dallas-based band Nova Pangea, was the first inclusive art festival for the deaf and hard of hearing community. At the event, the band performed “The Service Dog Song,” a creative collaboration between Nova Pangea and Dr. Danielle Rose.

Board Chair Dr Danielle Rose and Client Services Manager Jenny Nickleson represent Dogs for Better Lives alongside volunteers from Operation Kindness at the Together in Harmony Festival on July 16, 2022.

When Dr. Danielle Rose, DBL’s Board Chair and a successor Hearing Assistance Dog client, first heard of the Together in Harmony Festival, she saw an opportunity to release a creative project that she had been working on in her spare time.

Dr. Rose is a long-time supporter and advocate for Hearing Assistance Dogs. Although she’s a pediatrician, she has creative pursuits as well. She drew upon her life experiences with her Hearing Assistance Dogs over the years and wrote lyrics to “The Service Dog Song.” The song has verses for each type of Assistance Dog that DBL trains. She approached Nova Pangea to collaborate on the music for the lyrics and to finally release the song to the public. Nova Pangea enthusiastically got to work developing the music and putting together the performance with their network of musicians.

“When we were invited to collaborate with Dr. Rose to compose the music for her Service Dog Song, we felt we could honor the legacy of our recently deceased dog, Gigi, who always enjoyed hearing us playing music. This opportunity came to heal that emptiness in our hearts. We finally got the perfect opportunity to work in a project that involves our two passions: music and the love for dogs. We want to thank Dr. Rose, Delight, and the whole Dogs for Better Lives team for this delightful experience,” said Uriel Vázquez and Carmina Murillo of Nova Pangea.

The first verse of the song, focused on Hearing Dogs, debuted at the July 16th event with a live performance. Dr. Rose and her Hearing Assistance Dog Delight were in attendance and provided a brief presentation and demonstration.

“My heart is so very grateful to Nova Pangea for bringing my lyrics to such beautiful music. Losing music was a most difficult part of my journey. My Hearing Dogs have been my guides and support along with my cochlear implants in bringing me back to music,” said Dr. Rose.

Watch the video of the Service Dog Song being performed by Nova Pangea below. The video was produced and edited by Alejandro Vazquez.

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