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How Do You SPOT a True Assistance Dog?

What an Assistance Dog Looks Like:

  • Walking next to their person
  • Sitting quietly under a table
  • Ignoring other dogs
  • Focusing on their person
  • Well groomed and clean

What an Impawster Dog Looks Like:

  • Barking at other dogs
  • Sitting in a stroller or cart
  • Pulling on their leash
  • Eating from a table
  • Aggressive behavior

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Learn how to SPOT real Assistance Dogs and “impawster” dogs, and the laws surrounding public access rights for service animals.

Support our programs by helping to SPOT true Assistance Dogs. Post our Dogs for Better Lives infographic in your place of business, school or home, and educate those around you. Help us  eliminate the confusion surrounding Assistance Dog laws!

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