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Lifeline’s Rob Hegeman Joins Dogs for Better Lives’ National Board

By September 21, 2022No Comments

CENTRAL POINT, OR – In mid-September, Dogs for Better Lives’ (DBL) National Board of Directors unanimously approved new member Rob Hegeman of Oregon.

Rob Hegeman

With this appointment, DBL’s national board grows to 16 voting members. The national board of directors has members in seven states across the country, including Oregon (6) California (2), Massachusetts (2), North Carolina (2), New York, New Jersey, and Washington (2).

“The board of directors are pleased to welcome Rob Hegeman onto DBL’s National Board,” stated Board Chairman Dr. Danielle Rose. “With his background in IT and human resources, Rob will quickly help to augment DBL’s national board and its diversifying presence across Oregon and the west coast.”

Further, board fellows Hannah Thornton and Aradhana Gupta joined the national board in early September, for the FY22-23 academic school year, through the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. See the news release here.

“As DBL further diversifies its national reach and presence, community partnerships, volunteer and donor engagement, and client experience have been and will continue to be critical to our success and growth,” stated CEO Bryan Williams. “From committee participation to regional networking and advocacy, Rob will play a crucial role in helping to further advance DBL as a national leader in the Assistance Dog world.”

Rob visiting DBL’s west coast campus in Central Point (OR), with puppy Orion in training.

Rob Hegeman
Rob Hegeman has worked with business owners and decision makers for more than 25-years in a multitude of industries. He has helped accomplish their goals through collaboration, business strategy and finding solutions to overcome obstacles that are in the way.

In his current role as Vice President and Virtual Chief Information Officer for Lifeline Computer Solutions, Rob focuses on providing his team with resources, support, and training for them to thrive. On a strategic level, Rob is involved in the company’s organizational planning and development as well as employee development, engagement, and retention.

In Rob’s role as a Virtual Chief Information Officer, he engages clients in conversations that involve identifying business risks, developing strategic roadmaps, planning technology budgets, and building business relationships.

In prior roles, Rob has worked as a Talent Acquisition Supervisor and Manager at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center and BBSI, Program Manager at an intergovernmental agency, The Job Council, and other private sector companies.

Rob earned his Master’s in Management from Southern Oregon University and his B.S. from Fresno State University.

Personally, Rob seeks to maintain a balanced mind, body, spirit approach to life. He loves to spend time with his fiancé, family (3 grandkids already – woo hoo!) and friends. He truly enjoys Southern Oregon and all its adventures!

“Joining DBL’s National Board of Directors provides me with the opportunity to help improve and enhance the lives of others,” stated Rob. “Ultimately, through the volunteer work of myself and other board members, we’ll bring more smiles, enjoyment, and security — allowing those with our dogs to experience a better quality of life.”

To learn more about DBL’s National Board of Directors and/or with inquiries in joining the board, visit https://bit.ly/2BrQZfU. You can also visit DBL’s profile on cariclub and Boardlead to learn more.

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