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Dog Christmas Gifts: 10 Ways To Wish Your Pup Happy Holidays

By December 19, 2019July 9th, 20202 Comments

It’s the season of giving, tinsel, wrapping paper and bows! While you’re making a list and checking it twice, don’t forget your four legged family members!

Here’s a list of some of our favorite dog Christmas gifts that will make your furry friend feel absolutely pampered this holiday season!


10 Dog Christmas Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

1. Subscription Box

A subscription box makes a fun and creative dog Christmas gift, because it keeps on giving all year long! There are lots of different subscription options out there that differ in price and goodies. Some boxes feature durable toys (Bullymake) for larger dog breeds, other boxes feature exclusively natural, organic treats and toys for your pup (PupJoy). Some subscription services send healthy, hand made food directly to your door (The Farmer’s Dog). If you want to make your pup feel like royalty this holiday, a subscription box is the perfect gift to put under your tree!


2. The Gift Of Coziness

It’s cold out there, and sometimes all your pup wants to do is curl up in a snuggly blanket or fluffy new bed! A new blanket or a heated bed can be an amazing dog Christmas gift to help your pup get cozy and warm during the cold winter months.
(Note: heated beds should never be given to destructive chewers!)


3. Holiday Treats

As we gather with our loved ones over delicious dishes of decadent food, resist the temptation to share your yummy snacks with your pets. Many foods that are perfectly safe for humans can be toxic or choking hazards to your dogs. For a tasty dog Christmas gift, buy your pup some extra-special holiday treats and chewables so they can feel included in all the edible festivities! 


4. Puzzles

Most people know that pets need physical exertion, but it’s also true that dogs crave intellectual stimulation as well. A dog Christmas gift that challenges your pup’s critical thinking skills is a puzzle game or toy, such as the iFetch or a hide-and-seek plush toy. These can be entertaining for your pet, while also stimulating their brain and helping them work out some of their energy. This gift can be an ideal present for you and your dog, as daily mental stimulation can sometimes correct behavioral issues and excessive energy in our furry friends.


5. Doggie Bubbles


That’s right, doggy bubbles. These doggy bubble machines make bubbles in a variety of yummy flavors, including bacon and peanut butter. They make a fun (albeit, not very filling) snack, as well as an entertaining game for your pup to play on Christmas Day and long afterward! 

6. Coats, Boots, & Bandanas

Even though our four legged friends have furry coats, sometimes the winter weather can be too cold, even for them! Invest in a nice winter jacket or some snow boots to keep your pet warm and dry during the cold, wet, snowy months. This can be especially important if you have smaller dogs, dogs with fine or short hair, and dogs that stay very trim and lack the body fat to insulate them from the cold (such as greyhounds, pinschers, or salukis).

7. Toys

Kids love getting fun and exciting toys for Christmas, and so do fur kids! Squeaker toys, rope toys, plush toys, and rubber balls are always good dog Christmas gifts. Wrap up a few new chewing, shaking, tug of war toys for your pup, and spend some time playing on Christmas! 


Make sure you know what toys work best for your dog. If he’s an aggressive chewer, it’s a good idea to stay away from plush or squeaky toys, where the squeaker can get lodged in their throat. KONG offers hundreds of fun, durable, chewable toys for large dog breeds that will last forever! If you have a smaller dog with sensitive teeth or gums, a little plush toy or soft ball could be the perfect gift.


8. Doggie Water Bottle

When you take your pup out on walks or to play at the park, it can be hard finding options to keep your dog hydrated. Dog bowls can be bulky, and pouring from a regular water bottle won’t give your pet enough water to keep him hydrated. Try investing in a doggie water bottle, such as the RocketQuencher, that’s easy to use, portable, and convenient to drink out of for your furry friend. 


9. New Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Oral hygiene is just as important for dogs as it is for humans! A tasty, practical dog Christmas gift can be a brand new toothbrush and toothpaste kit, or some pet dental spray. Taking care of your pet’s oral health will help promote strong teeth and gums, and also help them live longer, healthier lives, as oral health has been closely linked with overall health in canines. Plus, who doesn’t love a dog with fresh breath?

10. New Dishes

Pet bowls can be one of the germiest items in your homes. Because bacteria grows quickly in food and water bowls, it is recommended that you wash your dog bowls every day. But if you ever see bumps, grooves, or scratches on a dog dish, it needs to be replaced. Harmful bacteria can hide in crevices, and a chipped or flaking dog bowl can cause injury to your pet. A set of new food and water bowls can be the perfect dog Christmas gift, especially if your dog bowls are due for a replacement.

Bonus Points: wrap your pooch’s presents in festive and adorable dog wrapping paper to really make your dog’s Christmas gifts glow under the Christmas tree! 


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