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Dogs for Better Lives hosts a quarterly webinar series to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, and to educate our community about Service Dogs. In these webinars, our trainers and other experts will cover a range of topics.

Previous Webinars

Training shelter dogs to become Service Dogs (aired 4/4/24)

Watch our webinar featuring our From Shelter to Service Dog Program – a unique program that trains shelter dogs to become life-changing Service Dogs. It’s been nearly a year since we’ve launched this program in partnership with Operation Kindness near Dallas, Texas, and there is much to share!

In this webinar, you’ll find out what we look for when evaluating shelter dogs to enter our program, learn about our partnership with Operation Kindness and discover how you can get involved and make a difference. Don’t miss this chance to hear from our staff about this exciting program. Watch the replay!

How to Choose the Right Executor for your Estate Plan (aired 2/22/24)

Dogs for Better Lives is proud to offer legacy and estate planning resources to our entire community. In this webinar, guest presenter Adrian Snyder, Oregon Trust Manager for D.A. Davidson Trust Company, shared the basic options for choosing an executor of your estate plan. The right choice can make all the difference! He reviewed the basic options for an executor, the benefits and considerations for each, and a few tips on making the best choice for your estate plan. Watch the replay!

Inside a Service Dog’s Mind: The temperaments and traits that transform lives (aired 1/24/24)

Have ever wondered what makes an ideal Service Dog? At DBL, we pay close attention to the temperament and specific characteristics we’ve found lead to success in our Hearing, Autism and Facility Dog Programs. Each dog is unique, and we take time to get to know them and what program might suit them best so they can live their best lives and do their best work.

In this webinar, DBL’s VP of Program and West Training Manager shared the top temperaments and personality traits we look for in each of of programs. Don’t miss this fun session that provides an inside look into what makes a Service Dog tick! Watch the replay!

Service Dogs 101 (aired 9/23/23)

September is National Service Dog Month and we hosted a free webinar all about Service Dogs! In this webinar, you’ll learn how to interact with Service Dogs and their handlers, discover the legal framework around Service Dog access, and explore how you can be an ally in a Service Dog’s life. Gwen Dudek, Vice President of Program at Dogs for Better Lives presented on these topics and answers common Service Dog questions. Watch the replay!

Puppy Raiser Q&A: Behind the Scenes of our most FUN Volunteer Opportunity (aired 7/20/23) 

Have you ever wondered about becoming a volunteer Puppy Raiser for future Service Dogs, but hesitated to take the leap? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Watch our exclusive replay where we unveil the magic behind Dogs for Better Lives’ most exhilarating volunteer opportunity – raising a future Service Dog. Watch the replay!

Caring for your Pets in your Estate Plan (aired 6/15/2023)

If something happened to you, would your pets be cared for? Including your pets in your estate planning is critical to ensuring they get the care they need and deserve. Jennifer Sawday, a partner at TLD Law, LLP in Long Beach, CA, shared some common ways you can be sure you are taking care of your pets through a will and/or trust. Watch the replay!

How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language (aired 4/4/2023)

Did you know that dogs primarily communicate through subtle cues in their body posture and movement? Knowing how to read your dog’s body language can be helpful in many situations. In this webinar, our guest speaker Claudia, Apprentice Assistance Dog Trainer with Dogs for Better Lives, shared common signals your dog may be communicating through their body language, and how to respond in a way that solidifies the bond with your dog. Watch the replay!

Canine Dental Health – What every dog owner should know (aired 2/23/23)

Does your dog’s breath stink? Do you see tartar building up on your buddy’s teeth? Many pet parents don’t realize oral health is essential to their dog’s overall health. In this webinar, our guest speaker Carl Crane, a Veterinary Technician at Oyster River Veterinary Hospital in Lee, New Hampshire, discussed the importance of oral health for dogs and provide tips for keeping your dog’s mouth healthy. Watch the replay!

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