• Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the information in this Handbook.
  • Have fun telling people about Dogs for Better Lives.
  • Be professional in appearance.
  • Encourage people to put their names and addresses clearly on the sign-up sheets so we can send them the newsletter.
  • Please do not provide any dog training advice or techniques if asked.
  • Please do not try to answer a question you are not sure of. Encourage the person to contact Dogs for Better Lives directly by phone or e-mail, or write the question and the person’s contact information and forward to us for a response.

Important Information Regarding Donations 

  • If you receive any cash, or check donations, please bring them to Dogs for Better Lives. Make sure the checks are made out to Dogs for Better Lives.

Donations and Sales

CHECKS:  If people want to donate by check have them make the check payable to Dogs for Better Lives.

CREDIT CARDS:  At events like these, we cannot take credit cards, but people can always make donations or purchases with credit cards either over the phone or by visiting our website.

PURCHASES:  There is seldom any need for you to purchase anything for or at these events.  Purchases should only be done in an emergency or with preauthorization from a Dogs for Better Lives manager.  In case you do need to purchase something or if you are going to a special event where we have agreed to pay any of your expenses, then you need to make sure you get receipts to turn in for reimbursement.  Each receipt must indicate your name and the event.