If you are asked to make a presentation for a group, here are some reminders for a great presentation.

Before the Presentation 

  • Know how much time you have been allotted for your presentation, including Q & A, so that you can plan your time accordingly.
  • Be on time for you presentation.


  • Executive speech coaches say that for success with your presentation, there are three “C’s” for success:




  • Speak clearly so all can understand. If you tend to speak rapidly in normal conversation, consciously slow your pace and take pauses.
  • To support the facts and information you present, tell stories – paint word pictures. The best stories are personal. Because they are yours, they are easier to remember and make your presentation unique. What is your connection to Dogs for Better Lives? Why have you chosen to be an Ambassador for us? What is your story? Or relate a recent heartwarming story out of our magazine, Canine Listener!
  • Repeat any questions from the audience before you answer them to ensure that everyone has heard the question.
  • Start on time; stay on time; finish on time – even if it means leaving something out. Plan your presentation time so that the important points are covered in the beginning and middle, not the end of the presentation.
  • Have fun! If you are enjoying yourself and you talk about Dogs for Better Lives with enthusiasm, the excitement will be contagious!