• Be dedicated to supporting the mission of Dogs for Better Lives.
    • Have a passion for the cause.
    • Dogs for Better Lives attend several events each year in order to develop and sustain strong ties with each other and the Community, you may be asked to attend on our behalf.
    • In your own communities, you already have those special contacts and resources that will be helpful in promoting Dogs for Better Lives to groups such as Rotary, Grange, Lions, schools, church groups, Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), American Sign Language Teacher Association (ASLTA), and other interested groups, and with these groups, you may seek out your own speaking opportunities/activities;
      • book these events (if they are at no cost) and notify the Event Coordinator that you have done such
      • request the necessary supplies to effectively promote awareness of Dogs for Better Lives
      • Use this Handbook to help you with your presentation and use the materials provided to help you spread the word about Dogs for Better Lives.
      • Report back to our Event Coordinator after the event
    • Flexibility to accommodate the locations and time frames of various events.
    • Motivate others to want to do the same advocacy work in the communities in which they serve.
    • Be a positive, professional representative of Dogs for Better Lives and share information about us whenever possible.
    • Identify individuals, businesses, clubs, and groups who might be interested in learning more about Dogs for Better Lives and share this information with our Event Coordinator.
    • Speak to groups in your local area, play the Dogs for Better Lives video and present information about our special work. Encourage people to become part of the Dogs for Better Lives family.
    • Distribute brochures, newsletters, and other promotional information both at group presentations and to businesses and offices in your area. Encourage people to sign up to receive our magazine, The Canine Listener.
    • Distribute applications for dogs to people who might be interested and benefit from one of our professionally trained dogs.
    • Direct interested donors to the Dogs for Better Lives website and/or distribute donation envelopes.
    • Communicate regularly and promptly with Dogs for Better Lives’s staff. Report back with any questions, information requests, and concerns on noteworthy comments from presentations.
    • Use the forms provided by Dogs for Better Lives.
    • Track and promptly report volunteer hours and mileage to Dogs for Better Lives. Submit expense reports for out of pocket expenses related to travel and/or hotel charges. Volunteer hours and mileage are tax-deductible according to IRS regulations and may be donated to Dogs for Better Lives if so inclined.
    • Watch for and read the quarterly newsletters to help keep you up to date with current Dogs for Better Lives information.


Thanks to our Ambassadors we have been able to maintain a national presence.  This position requires someone who will uphold the core values of Dogs for Better Lives, which include: excellence, integrity, teamwork, compassion, service, and professionalism.  This individual must believe in our mission and wish to make a difference in the community by promoting awareness of Dogs for Better Lives. This person must be compassionate, conscientious, ethical, and must value diversity.  They must also show respect, diversity, personal accountability, and creative initiative. The individual must possess strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to work autonomously while helping spread the word about Dogs for Better Lives.


  1. Community Education—plan, coordinate, or participate in events to promote awareness at some or all of the following:
    • health fairs
    • community events
    • DMV offices
    • health clinics
    • service clubs or civic groups
    • schools
    • churches or other places of worship
    • hospitals (when asked by the Hospital Development staff)
  1. Communication—communicate with our Event Coordinator on an ongoing basis, particularly at these times:
    • when booking speaking engagements or other activities
    • if there is a need for Dogs for Better Lives staff involvement at an event
    • if an event will cost Dogs for Better Lives money to participate
    • to obtain supplies
    • reporting the outcome of the event/activity at its conclusion
    • any information that is pertinent to the event or activity in which Dogs for Better Lives is represented.
  1. Recruitment of other volunteers
    • When appropriate.
    • If so, refer them to the Event Coordinator.
  1. Paperwork
    • Submit an Event Request Form
    • Submit the Post Event Report
    • Submit Reimbursement Form within 14 days